Custom Exhibition Stands For Success

Simply being at an exhibition or trade show simply isn’t enough, although it can benefit the company by increasing exposure it’s important that the image you portray and the impact you make is enough to stand out from the crowd and get consumers to stop at your booth. The key to being successful at a trade show is to create such a look that your booth will stand out from other competitors, and there are going to be plenty of these so you really have to work twice as hard at these kinds of events.

Trade fairs can make a big difference to your business prospects as they get you noticed and talked about, as well as boosting profits if things go really well. Whatever your reason for being there, to launch A new company, promote a new product your company is bringing out, or to create or strengthen brand awareness, then first impressions count.

Focus on a particular theme and follow it through in every detail for consistency, from the banners and posters to the literature and t-shirts the staff are wearing, or the freebies you plan to give away. Ensure your logo and message is on display and stamped or printed on the merchandise where it can be seen clearly and prominently.

Have a trial run for an event as big as this as it will show up anything that might not work as planned and highlight any issues such as lack of space, a particularly bad colour mix, or any other visual aspect you hadn’t thought about. Draw out the space you have been allocated and erect your exhibition display stands and other equipment as you intend to at the show, don’t be afraid to change the arrangement around again and again as once you’re at the event you want to get everything up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, so it makes sense to plan ahead. If you don’t know details then ask the event organiser as they can tell you the footfall area meant for your organization, where exactly it’s located in the venue, and any other details you might find useful.

As your area will be relatively small try to make the most of the given space by using the height of the booth too for banners and other displays to catch consumers’ attention. There are trade exhibit companies online who can advice and offer solutions, custom designed and built stands can be totally geared towards your needs and are very successful in attracting a specific target audience.

Go one step further and really knock your competitors off the top spot by getting help with your trade show booth design, and hiring specific display furniture as well. Package options are often available for hire and include anything from the chairs and coffee tables, to the display modules, plinths, stools and island bar tables, everything you could possibly need to suit your business requirements.

Exhibition display stands are a highly successful way of putting a message across to people and most models produced these days are designed to be easy and practical to move from place to place. Often purchased with their own carry bag or case they can be folded flat-pack style for convenience and ease, constructed from lightweight materials such as plastic, vinyl or aluminium makes them extremely lightweight too and they take up far less space when in storage.

Custom exhibition stands are current, handy and can be very striking when partnered with the right design; if you travel around a lot to business affairs and exhibitions then it makes a lot of sense to invest in quality customized displays and really show your products off to their best advantage.