Current Ring Trends

What are the Current Ring Trends?

When it comes to engagement rings, there are changes in trends every decade. There was a time when everyone wanted a pear-shaped diamond. Now, many stores do not even stock the pear-shaped diamond. Once, everyone wanted ornate engagement rings. Now, brides are preferring to have very simple and streamlined designs.

Here is an overview of some of the most important trends in engagement rings.

1. Princess cut

The princess cut engagement ring is a square-shaped diamond that sits within a normal four-pronged setting. Tiffany’s made this cut very popular with young ladies all over the world. The princess cut is very simple because it only requires four prongs, whereas other shapes use six or more to hold the diamond in place.

When purchasing the princess cut, it is important to look at the color and brilliance of the reflection in order to determine rock quality. The clearer the ring, the more fire it will have when reflected in the sun. Spend some time comparing different princess cuts.

2. Princessa

The princessa cut is basically four small princess-cut rocks that are scaled and fit together to give the illusion of being one large princess-cut stone. While this style has increased in popularity among budget-shoppers, it is often perceived as a “cheap” method of purchasing a ring that you cannot afford. Some couples view it as the equivalent of purchasing a fake diamond – even though all of the princess pieces are genuine diamonds. The reason for this feeling is because the larger rock is meant to look like a 1 carat, for example, but is truly the equivalent of being a 1/2 carat. Most people say, “buy what you can afford, not what you want but can’t afford.”

3. Platinum

Platinum is an alternative to white gold and is more durable and will not dent, like gold could. Therefore, many brides would rather have a platinum band than a gold band. When selecting a platinum band, make sure that your bride likes the color silver and that she has no allergies to consider.

4. Six-pronged round diamond

The six-pronged round diamond has long-been a popular choice in rings among brides around the world. The major benefit of the six-pronged ring is that it is strong. The frequency of a diamond falling out of a six-pronged ring is relatively low, so you can be comfortable with the purchase. The style is also a classic and will be popular for years to come.