Culture on Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean Cruises Don’t Skip The Cultural Highlights

Cruising the Caribbean is a dream come true for many and a yearly routine for others. Whether it’s the sugary beaches, the crystal clear water or the laid back lifestyles, or a combination of all three, there’s something about this region that just keeps drawing tourists back.

One thing that’s perhaps overlooked by those just wanting to hit the beaches, however, is the rich history this area boasts. Cruises, however, don’t skip a beat and ensure that passengers can soak it all in.

The Caribbean and its many islands have played a big role in the history of the world – bigger than most people think. The region was first “discovered” by Christopher Columbus and ever since that fateful trip more than 500 years ago, people have kept coming back.

The islands have been influenced by a host of cultures, from the Carib Indians for whom the region is named for to the Mayans in ancient times. Following Columbus’ discovery, peoples from Europe, Africa and Asia would all make their way to the islands, leaving strong and lasting impressions behind on both the landscape and the culture.

With French, English, African, Latin and even Dutch influences, the Caribbean is a chain of islands that is truly a melting pot for visitors to explore. The region is actually quite diverse in its people, history and culture. This is reflected in its museums, the people and the languages themselves, the food and even the architecture.

Although renowned as a peaceful region, the Caribbean’s impact on the world stage should not be overlooked. The area has produced a host of Nobel Prize winners for literature, a bevy of famous artists, musicians and businesspeople. In addition, it’s inspired more than a generation of writers and other creative types such as Gauguin, Noel Coward and Hemingway.

Those taking Caribbean cruises will no doubt be drawn to the pristine beaches and laid-back island pace, but there’s more to be seen and discovered within the islands that make up this region. History and culture are alive in the Caribbean where cultures mix, mingle and play.

Most major cruise lines go to great lengths to ensure their passengers have every opportunity to discover the rich history and culture of the region during their stays. Off ship excursions to most destinations include tour possibilities that involve historic and cultural explorations. The beaches and the beauty may draw visitors to these islands, but there’s much more than white sand beaches to be taken in.