Crushing the limitations of internal and external obstacles!!!!

Welcome to another edition of the Destiny’s Doorstep series. This series is meant specifically to journal the challenges and learning of anyone who has or is striving to take their life to another level. To satisfy the seeking of people who search out truth and how to apply that truth to destroy our destructive patterns; patterns that keep us singing the same song, writing the same story or painting the same pictures instead of writing new lyrics, designing a new plot and painting a new masterpiece!

The primary intent of this column is to uncover the lies that keep us hurting. Once light is shed on a lie, the lie disappears. Truth with light shone on it is freeing, liberating and gives us the answer that we may have not even known to question. The times in our lives that are the most trying and painful are the times in which we lie to ourselves and to the ones we love. When we are being disingenuous, darkness encroaches and extinguishes the light of our uniqueness, our beauty and our passion for living. Unconscious decision making and falsehood leave us wide open to the scum and wolves of this earth. The dangerous, sick-minded underbelly of humanity that preys on the weakness of other, only crawling out from under their slimy, nasty little caves when they feel another person is hurting or vulnerable.

Fortunately, these people are the exception rather than the rule. But you have to know that they are there creeping in the shadows, or disguised behind putrid smiles and false friendship, so that you can build the wall of strength between you and their poison. Those of you who have read my book or heard me speak know and understand that I would never claim to be perfect by any means. I openly admit to drug abuse, alcoholism, homelessness, fighting, jail time, failed relationships, bankruptcy, infidelity, viewing pornography and eating a meal or two with a little too many carbs. The reason that I subject myself to public scrutiny is because I believe that so many people whom are qualified to lead at the highest level never step forward because they are afraid of being “found out” as being a fraud or for an indiscretion that was made in a life otherwise stellar. I say “bullshit” to this line of thinking. EVERYONE has made mistakes, and you never reach a point in life that you are immune – never, ever, ever, ever. Do you want to know why? Because we are human. We screw up; then we are sorry and we do one of two things. And this is really the subject of this article. Choice one: We blame the other person or the circumstance, or the environment, or our past, for what was a colossally stupid decision! Thereby, we negate any value that we would have gotten from “learning” from our mistake. What’s worse is that we enhance the odds that we will do it again. Hence, the beginning or the deepening of a pattern that will never serve us, but only continues to keep us in bondage.

This in turn leads to the stress and headaches of attempting to subsequently “cover our tracks.” It allows those scumbags and slime balls who slink around under the cover of calling themselves our friends, or have even led us to believe that they love us, to leverage power over us, to keep us where they want us, because they know the “truth” of who we are. These disgusting souls are locked in their own hell that is only bearable to them. Then they bring someone else into their wormy little existence of loneliness and self-loathing. This in turn extinguishes the fire of passion and purpose that burns so deeply in the soul of those intended to serve. Choice two: Embrace the mistake as an exciting opportunity to learn a better way to reach your predetermined goals – assuming that you have listened to my advice about not really being in the game of life until you determine what you want out of it! Then we shed light completely on the issue at hand, dissect it with the intention of diagnosis; diagnosis of why that particular situation ended so badly. Determine what the lesson was and journal it so that you have a reference to come back to if ever you enter those waters again. (Even those of us who teach this stuff need to follow our own advice.) Review your predetermined outcomes for your life (goals) and see if this supposed “mistake” was a result of unconscious patterns of self sabotage, or the result of your sub-conscious saving you lots of time on your path to your destiny!

Yes, you can find the silver lining if it truly exists, as long as you are really looking. What most people do is prove that they are unconscious and are driven by emotion to addiction. They prove this by beating themselves up and wallowing in the fact that they are either stupid or a bad person. Get over it!!!! If you are going to make even an iota of difference in this world, you will be making many mistakes on the road to your higher self. You MUST be able to make amends for those you hurt, study why it happened, apply the lesson and get right back on the bike you temporarily fell off along the way. The faster you can do this, the best version of who we are will show up faster. Remember, the scariest day of your life will be if you ever get to meet the person you could have become if you had chosen a path of courage and massive application of the principles that I share.

Copyright (c) 2007 Jason Sisneros