Cruising to St Barts

St. Barts Is A Jewel In The Southern Caribbean

First “discovered” by Columbus in the 1490s, this island paradise was named for his brother Bartolomeo. Technically named St. Barthelemy, this island is lovingly called St. Barths or St. Barts for short by those who know it.

This island may not be as large as some of its neighbors, coming in with only 25 square kilometers, but it packs a punch when it comes to beauty and things to do. St. Barts has a rich history that includes Spanish, native, French and Swedish influences, among others. The little island’s popularity in the tourism and cruise industry took off in the 1980s and remains strong today.

Technically a French “state,” St. Bart’s has a mix of “natives” that include actual natives, people from the French mainland and other European cultures as well. The island is home to a booming tourism industry and is known for its artistic pursuits. Here visitors will find a music and film festival, galleries and more.

The island is home to more than 20 different beaches, a number of hotels, restaurants, historic sites and more. But, what really draws in visitors is the fact this little paradise boasts the white sand beaches and pristine waters the Caribbean is famous for without the throngs of visitors other locations receive – most of the time.

Those who make St. Bart’s a cruise destination will find the local culture is a mix of many cultures, in fact. They will also instantly notice cottages, skiffs and woven straw structures that are homes to locals along side some seriously upscale tourist destinations.

Activities on the island include such things as golf and tennis, fishing and hiking, swimming and windsurfing and, of course, diving and snorkeling. A bit different than many of its neighbors, St. Bart’s is loved by those who want to get away from it all without throngs of people.

This Southern Caribbean destination is noted for having a number of activities both in and out of the water. Its quiet pace is loved by tourists and natives alike and makes it a draw for those who want to make the island their home on a more permanent basis. Shoppers, too, will delight in St. Bart’s duty free status and will find corner shops and upscale boutiques mingling together within the many shopping areas.

Just one of a number of cruise destinations in the Southern Caribbean, St. Barts is a small island with a lot of sights for visitors to take in, explaining why its become a hot choice in Caribbean travel.