Cruising The Caribbean Anytime of the Year

Cruising The Caribbean Can Be A Year-Round Pursuit

One of the best things about taking a Caribbean cruise is the fact there’s really no time of year that’s bad to go. With typically balmy, tropical weather any time of the year, this region is home to some of the world’s most famous cruise destinations.

With a sprinkling of islands both big and small, some of the major draws of the Caribbean include Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, Aruba and more. Plus, there are the rich Mayan influences in the Western Caribbean, the warm tropical breezes and the storied turquoise waters.

Cruising the Caribbean is ideal year-round, but those who choose to go between June 1 and November 30 need to keep their eyes peeled to weather reports. The Caribbean is susceptible to the threats posed by Hurricane Season each year, but this in and of itself is no reason to stay clear of booking trips during this timeframe.

Cruises are especially great ways to navigate the Caribbean during the peak of Hurricane Season, since the cruise lines will do all they can to ensure the safety of their passengers and their ships if danger appears.

Hurricanes, unlike other storms, are trackable and they’re relatively easy for big ships, like cruise lines, to avoid completely. With more than enough notice, cruise ships make sure their guests and their ships are well out of harm’s way if something does happen.

Unlike those who fly into the Caribbean and who might get grounded if a storm’s coming, cruise ship passengers can be assured their floating hotel will make a wide berth for a storm, helping those onboard avoid waylays and even being stuck in the region should a storm strike.

Although it’s more than possible for a hurricane to come through the Caribbean and put a dent in vacation plans, this region is fairly safe to visit during the season. There are some things passengers should know about hurricanes and traveling during their season, however:
* Hurricane season is not the peak for Caribbean travel. Since some are scared away by storms that may never form, the prices during this time can be more than reasonable. This is great for those who want to see the islands without having to pay full price.
* Destinations can get shuffled. Since storms can and do strike from time to time, those traveling during the season may find their plans can get altered if a storm strikes, but the cruise ships and their crews will do all that’s possible to ensure guests still have the time of their lives.
* If something does happen while on a cruise, it’s imperative for guests to pay heed to captain’s instructions. If a destination is skipped due to an impending storm, it’s for the safety of passengers, not to rain on anyone’s parade. Listen to instructions and follow them carefully.

Cruising the Caribbean is generally an activity that can take place year-round with great results. There are some major cost-savings advantages to going during hurricane season, but guests should be mindful of possible changes in plans and be willing to be flexible for safety’s sake.