The game of cricket is very similar to baseball. Two teams play against each other with eleven people on each team. The game originated in England hundreds of years ago. It was played by the wealthy people of South Asia, India, and Pakistan. Today cricket is the most popular sport in many countries around the world including Wales, Australia, New England, and South Africa. Professional and amateur cricket tournaments are a very popular pastime.

The game of cricket received bad publicity when a black man by the name of Basil D’Oliveira. He went to England for the sole purpose of playing cricket professionally. He was to star in the 1968-1969 Test series in South Africa. However he was banned from the game for political reasons due to being black. Sponsors threatened to cancel the tour if he was allowed to play. His fight to play the game was a stand for black men in the world of all sports.

Another controversial cricket game took place in 1981 between Australia and New Zealand. Australia was losing and decided to bowl underhand. This resulted in Australia winning, but the lost the respect of cricket teams around the world for that tactic. It is still referred to as the most disgusting game of professional cricket ever played more than 25 years later.

Cricket is played in two different formats. Limited duration games are limited to a full two innings per team. The second has a specified time limit for the game, with each team getting the same amount of time to try to score points. Professional cricket games generally use the second method of play.

There are two types of bowling styles allowed in cricket. The fast is just like the name, bowling the ball is fast as you possibly can. This strategy is in the hopes of being too fast for the batsman to hit the ball. The spin results in the ball going to one side as it is flying through the air. The spin is much harder to hit because you can’t predict where it is going to land.

The game of cricket is very fast and entertaining. While it does take some time to understand all the rules and the action taking place on the field, it is a fast paced game that is fun to watch or engage in. The game of cricket continues to be popular professionally as well as for sporting fun.

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