Cricket experience and the touting culture

The cricket experience and Touting Culture
The T20 Cricket match between England and Pakistan was won by Pakistan. This was a unique experience for me because of the reasons that I went to cricket stadium for the first time in my life and I went on my friend’s recently purchased Range Rover which was another First-in-my-life experience. Further, the experience was excited one because I met some cricket legends like Amir Sohail, Nasser Hussain and Nicholas Verity Knight after the match J

Anyways, lets come to the main pointÂ…..
Well, after some days, a friend informed me that some guys were selling their tickets outside the stadium. This triggered my brain to learn more on touting and share the information with you.

Here is the elaboration from
A tout is a British term for a person who attempts to get paid for activities they have not be asked to perform. Alternately, the tout may be equivalent in American English to the term scalper, a person who resells tickets for events at a marked up value. Further some restaurants in tourist areas will employ a tout to direct people to restaurants or bars. The tout may not only receive a tip for the tourist, but also a fee from the business to which the tourist is directed. The tout can perform other activities that are generally deemed either illegal or misleading.

This touting was being done by a very few boys outside the stadium however the same thing is happening to a large extent in government and semi-government departments in my Pakistan so the impact is much more bigger. I am particularly concerned about the tout culture in passport offices, real estate offices and courts in Pakistan. Although, it’s primarily a mistake on part of relevant authorities by not ensuring law and order but I must say that each one of us is equally responsible for promoting this cancer. If we stop paying money for the illegal acts, the justice and legality can be promoted in the society.
Are you promoting touting culture or working against it?

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