Creators Of Reality Are Initiators And Leaders

When you are a creator of your reality, you’re the one who initiates and creates things. Instead of waiting for things to happen, you go ahead and begin them. When others look to someone to follow, you lead the way. You start the ball rolling instead of waiting for someone else to make it roll. You take control of situations and direct them the way you desire them to go. You become the cause of events and experiences. You have the power to move the world at will because you make decisions and follow them.

It is in the moments of decision where your destiny is shaped. Where there is no decision, there is no shaping of destiny. The experience of our life’s purpose involves in the act of making decisions to do what we desire to do. The divine will is expressed through us when we choose to co-create with it. We cannot avoid our role as chooser-creators in every moment of life. To decide is to cut off. Deciding is to select one possibility to manifest while cutting of all others and shaping reality to that particular form.

We are always deciding whether we are aware of it or not. When we do not decide to change things, we are deciding that they remain the same. Therefore being a creator is not about whether you are deciding or not, but whether you are making conscious decisions. It is about being aware when you have a decision to make, and then choosing intentionally which one to go for. Things do not change until we do. Creators do not wait for change to happen, they are the cause of the changes they like to see.

When you do something you’ve never done before, you open up new possibilities and pathways where your reality can go. Things usually continue going the way they are going until a new element is added into the range of possible future events. Your future becomes less predictable and more open for anything to happen when you step into the unpredictable while remaining less in the status quo. That is why you gain more freedom when you make more decisions to do new things that expand your world.

Creators don’t like to wait or to rely on others to move ahead and act. They take the initiative and seek for whatever it is they desire. They are usually leaders in their field and get promoted faster than anyone else around them. They are not necessary better in term of capability but they do have one important characteristic of success, and that is the guts to take initiative. Those who do not possess this courage would follow leaders as much as the flock follows their guide. Followers never get much out of life.

You wouldn’t like to be around someone who always leave important decisions in your hands and try to escape responsibility. It is the manipulators who would like to guide a flock weak minded and indecisive people to their advantage. Therefore if you do not direct your own reality, others will direct it for you. The power of decision distinguishes a leader. It does not matter that his decision fails to produce the desired results. What is most important is that he takes risks and moves forward fearlessly.

To accomplish anything in life, we must be willing to take risks. A risk is a probability of things not going the way we desire them to go. Stepping into the realm of the unpredictable is the only way we can access more probabilities that we have not experienced before. When you do not put yourself in situations where there is risk involved, you shut yourself off from probabilities of your desires fulfilled. The wise way to live is to take calculated risks and act. You win by stacking the deck in your favor.

You can always do things that increase your chances of success, and you should because it makes it easier for you. The more you win, the more confident you become with doing more things that involves risk. Each time you use your power, you increase it because you become better at using it. But take risks you still must because any situation that involves probability of success also involves probability of failure. You will find that risk becomes nothing when you become a master of handling probabilities.

People are often afraid of making mistakes or wrong decisions because they are afraid of rejection and disapproval. That’s why they would gladly have others deciding and even taking action for them. Creators are starters, action takers and decisions makers. They dare to take risks and therefore they are the ones who achieve the highest positions in their field. The rest of the population would gladly follow these starters, movers and shakers because it is safer. The price for avoiding rejection is submission.

The irony is that, it is the more daring ones who are safer because they gain greater ability to handle probabilities. Those who choose to play safe by avoiding risk end up being more prone to losing because they have less ability to handle unfamiliar situations that come their way. The only way to be free from danger is to master it instead of avoiding it. Risk is only subjective according to the competency of the person facing it. Those who dare to handle risk acquire greater power and freedom in creating reality.

Successful people are go-getters. Have a go for it mentality. If you want something, go for it and go get it. Be the one who approaches others and initiates conversations. Focus on the possibilities of success and things going the way you desire instead of the possibilities of failure and things not going the way you desire. Be the one who advances things to the next level in your relationships with others, your business and your life. Be ready to fire first and then to keep correcting your aim as you go along.

Everything that happens in the universe begins with creation. The universe is creating through you but you have to allow it to do so by acting on your desires. Your heart’s desire is the voice of spirit. Do not wait for the universe to make things happen on the outside for you to know what to do. The universe has already placed the message within and is waiting for you to act upon it. The moment you do so and continue to do so, you will find that you are the power creating everything as an initiator and leader.