Creative Ways To Propose: 3 Creative Ideas For A Memorable Wedding Proposal

Nowadays, more and more people are getting into the idea of creative ways to propose. Some people want it to be fun, romantic and even adventurous! The bottom line is: They want it to be memorable. Fortunately, there are many creative wedding proposals that can melt your lover’s heart!

Coming up with creative ways to propose depends a lot on the kind of person you and your special someone are. If you’re open to a few suggestions, read on!

Creative Ways To Propose # 1: Skydiving It Your Way

If you’re the adventurous type, and you feel like your special someone is also up to the experience, try the skydiving strategy.

First of all, plan exactly where you want to land. You will need the aid of professional skydivers for this one. Once you have that all organized, make sure you have a friend or a relative waiting down with your ring (no sense risking the ring getting blown away while you’re on air). Obviously, you have to take the first jump.

While waiting for your soon-to-be-spouse to jump after, you have a bit of time to sort yourself out and have the ring all ready. When your special someone finally lands, you can congratulate them on the feat, kneel on the ground and pop the question. Talk about adrenaline rush!

Creative Ways To Propose # 2: Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you still remember where you first met? Or where you first realized you two were meant to be together?

Take your lover back to such a place and propose there. It brings back such wonderful memories and makes the experience even more meaningful.

Creative Ways To Propose # 3: The Domino Effect

Everybody loves the domino effect. You do it by spelling out your question with dominoes. The view is better when you’re on a higher plane, so plan this one carefully.

If you have a balcony overlooking a garden, you can arrange your dominoes below and watch everything unfold from the balcony. Have someone ready downstairs to activate the domino effect. Make sure you cover the eyes of your loved one until the moment when you’re ready to apply the domino effect.

People enjoy reading about creative ways to propose. However, not everybody gets to experience them. If you’re going to propose to someone, do your best to make it meaningful for both of you.