Creating your own “Calgary Stampede” Of New Clients


Starting this Friday, Calgary (where I live) turns into a total country party town for 12 days.

The Calgary Stampede is an event that’s been running since 1886 ‘ and lays claim to The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

We get probably half a million visitors in to Calgary during the 10 day event (which is amazing since Calgary is 1 million people- we add 50% of our population in 10 days).

Get this, the total take home winnings from the Stampede Rodeo is a whopping $1.6 Million ‘ which is now the largest prize winnings of any rodeo in the world, from my understanding.

You’d certainly have to pay me well to sit on a bucking bull!

$1.6M would about do it

What would make people travel from all over the world to see the Stampede?

HINT: The lessons of the Stampede can easily be adapted to your business.

1) An annual event like no other ‘ there are rodeos all over the world ‘ but Calgary has a 1 million dollar rodeo purse so this is NOT like all the others. People look forward to the Stampede for months to come. The best Rodeo stars from across the world gladly come to Calgary to fight for the main prize.

Make your special events special ‘ and something worthwhile coming to.

2) The customers “get into it” like no where else in the world. Imagine this… Thursday night before the party begins on Friday you leave your office all dressed in suit and tie (I remember it well ‘ uhhgg). Friday morning ‘ everyone from the corporate CEO’s right to the mail clerks dress up in their western attire (hats, boots, belt buckles, and jeans). And they stay that way for the whole 10 days.

WARNING: If you are in Calgary from out of town and mistakenly wear a tie ‘ it WILL be cut off by the nearest person with a pair of scissors.

The customers dress the part and *gladly* become part of the culture.

3) The Party racks up there with the best in the world ‘ many people save their money, and their livers, for the party that happens.

The saying for the week is: “Drink triples, see double and act single” ‘ and lots of people heed that advice.

The bar staff is dressed skimpy enough to make Hugh Heffner smile with glee.

And people really do travel from across the world ‘ JUST for the party.

Make an event so exclusive that they are willing to do whatever it takes to be there.

4) Tons of events, goodies, and freebies. Every day during the stampede you can walk down the street and catch yourself some free breakfast ‘ pancakes, sausage and eggs (and if you catch the good private parties they are serving vodka and orange juice by 7 am ‘ told you it was a party).

Line ups around the block for the Stampede Breakfasts (almost always complimentary).

Corporate Calgary’s way of giving back and saying thank you.

5) It is unique to have an entire city dress, act and drink the part. Tons of fun (drinking or non) for the whole family. Great midway with tons of rides and things to do. The people watching are nothing short of amazing in itself.

When everyone is part ‘ it’s a very amazing experience for everyone involved.

Lessons from the Stampede for Your Business

– Make your special events special ‘ and something worthwhile coming to.

– The customers dress the part and gladly become part of the culture.

– Making an event so exclusive that they are willing to do whatever it takes to be here.

– Giving back and saying thank you to all those that got you there.

– When everyone is part (from CEO’s to entry level clerks) -it is a very amazing experience for everyone involved.

Have fun and lighten things up a little and people will notice.