Creating Value-based Leaders – Nu Leadership Series

“You will always encounter folk who don’t agree with what you want to do….Always hope for help but expect the contrary. It is the entrepreneur’s dilemma.”

Dr. Bruce Winston, author of Be a Leader for God Sake

Understanding values starts at an early age, not as an organizational leader. It’s something that grows with the individual. While taking a graduate class last semester, I accepted the challenge to become a better student. Over the break, I worked to improve my writing, read erudite material, and prepared myself mentally for the new scholarly challenges. As the semester came to a close, I found myself weary of the numerous growth-building projects. Through this time, I read Act 1-2. I became revived. I recalled how the Holy Spirit guides me. I found this fact throughout my life journey. Witherington, an author, argues that the Holy Spirit’s presence throughout Acts is a distinguishing mark of Christianity.

Even though I may grow tired of these college assignments, the continual stretching of my mental capacity, and the conflicting demands, I need to depend more of the Holy Spirit. Why? If I believe that God divinely calls men and women to serve, I must also believe that He equips them. Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” Likewise, an individual who is destined to lead must continue to grow, make changes, and calibrate his or her attitude. During this process, don’t complain.

Holy Bible (Contemporary English Version)

Witherington, B. (1999). The acts of the apostles. Grand Rapids, MI: The Paternoster Press.

© 2006 by Daryl D. Green