Creating the Career of Your Dreams Or Google-Karma

Using a combination of criterion hierarchy and objective elimination we strip away the unmet needs that are your emotional holes and ‘ready’ you for career and business success. We focus your career attention on a defining platform that you can make uniquely your own.

It is simplicity itself and the truth is that you could do this for yourself….. if you could coach yourself uncritically. And, there’s the rub – have you looked in the mirror lately and said “Gorgeous image – so love you?”

Once we’ve stripped you of baggage i.e. the negatives in your life – you will find the space filling with seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm and my job will be simply be to channel. (I love this bit – where clients are so inspired that they hardly need to meet up – like rocket chrysanthemums in the autumn sky.)

A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field. But it is only one promotional tool amongst many and before you can use one you have to ask yourself the question. “If people were searching for me, what question would they ask?”

”People who are more visible and have a reputation and stand for something do better than people who are invisible,” says Catherine Kaputa, branding consultant and author of ”Blogging for Business Success.” To be valued, you have to be sure of who you are and what you want…only then can you select the people you want to work with.

”Decision-makers respect Google-karma,” writes Tim Bray, director of Web technologies for Sun Microsystems – on his own blog, of course.

To escape the entry-level grind, you can either pay your dues, working up a ladder forever, or you can establish yourself as an expert in the world by launching a blog. High-level jobs are for people who specialise, and HR recruiters look for specialists online.

More and more of my senior players are taking a role online to lead and make a difference. After years of enjoying freebies, it is nice to feel as if you are giving something back to the community, instead of ‘Take, take, take.’ Witness the blogs that are increasingly written and read by business leaders.

Once upon a time there were senior managers in industry who asked their secretaries to print out their emails for them – they are a dying breed and it won’t be long before the number of CEOs without a blog are in the minority. They know that they have to communicate with their people and customers to survive.

Copyright (c) 2007 Margaret Stead