Creating Stable Structures Through Concrete Piling Foundations

The building industry has seen a tremendous growth with many people embracing the latest technology as a way of guaranteeing safety to the building users. With the expansion of building projects taking over some of the most unlikely grounds, the need for proper foundations cannot be ignored and this has witnessed the use of systems such as concrete piling especially when the building under construction is intended to carry a lot of weight.

Without doubt, the foundation of a building carries a lot of importance and cannot be taken for granted. There is need to ensure that the foundation is not shallow and this means going for a deep foundation. Generally, there are different types of deep foundations which are categorized under different names. We will however be discussing the concrete piling system in this article.

This kind of a foundation normally involves the use of pre stressed or pre cast concrete piles which are the two commonly used. This can be attributed to the fact that they involve the use of relatively inexpensive material cost, they are also readily available and also they offer custom lengths. It is however worth noting that the cost of concrete piles may vary one from the other depending with the load designs as well as the length and dimension required.

The use of concrete piling also has some other advantages and especially when compared to the steel piles. This is mostly seen when you consider the duration they require before they can be ready to be driven into the foundation. Normally, the steel piles take between 6-8 weeks before they can be released from the mills and this is more than what it requires for the concrete piles to be driven in. the latter normally requires only 2 weeks, something that you will find suitable in the acceleration of your project’s completion.

It is also important to note that the use of concrete piling is normally used when the contractors are aiming at making the foundation deep enough. Since they are driven into the ground, they connect very well with the foundation’s footers thus giving the building a great support required. Some construction projects might require the use of many concrete piles but this is determined by the contractor involved. This will require a clear knowledge of the soli mechanics while making sure that there are no unnecessary delays and cost involved.

When working on the concrete pilings, the weight of the structure should be distributed evenly making sure that the building or structure is stable upon completion. There are different things that will determine whether the concrete piles are to be used and this will depend with the advice of the contractor. Below are some of the factors to be considered:

  • The size of the building will dictate whether these concrete piles will be used. In case it is on a large scale, then the foundations must be deep in order to ensure that there is best possible stability.
  • The state of the soil where the foundation is to be built will also determine whether concrete piling will be used in order to provide good support for the structure or building. The connection of the concrete piles to the footers provides bedrock as a substitute.

The concrete piles can be installed in 2 different ways. First, the pre-formed piles can be driven into the ground by using reinforced, precast or pre-stressed concrete. The other method is where the concrete piles are drilled and cast into the soil.