Creating Space for Prosperity

If we want to attract something new into our already overloaded lives, say prosperity, it makes sense for us to clear the space for it, yes? We cannot put a new car into an already occupied garage. We must first create the space for it.

This space clearing is a well-known concept in Feng Shui that Lillian Too describes beautifully in “Creating Abundance with Feng Shui:

” If you want to create prosperity in your life, start by making room in the physical area of your home. Collect all the clothes, books and paraphernalia of your life accumulated since forever and which you no longer need or want, and give them away immediately. Go from room to room and remove anything you no longer like, no longer want, and cannot remember why you bought it in the first place!

Learn to give. To receive prosperity you must understand that the more we give, the more we shall receive. The more we give, the larger will be the inner space we will be creating so there is room for yet more things to flow towards us. If we succumb to foolish tendencies to cling on to everything we have and presently own, we will, in effect, be creating blocks on the natural flow of energy in the Universe.

Energy comes in any form. It can be material wealth, love, affection, recognition, appreciation, money, friendships. It can be anything at all. If you know how to let go and open your arms to receive prosperity, Feng Shui will work better and faster for you.

Those of you who have experimented with this space clearing in your home or in your mind know of the natural high that comes about by eliminating anything that is merely taking up space and no longer serves a purpose, or worse yet, keeps you from moving forward and attracting what you really do want to attract.

Why not take this one week to live in the out with the old, in with the new mentality? Create beautiful, open, deserving space in your home, office, car, schedule and mind? Eliminate items and thoughts that no longer serve who you are today, who you are in the process of becoming and what you want to attract.

Enjoy the newfound freedom that you are creating for yourself. Begin to dream of the prosperity that you are attracting and the energy you are releasing to receive even more prosperity!