Creating online auctions which sell

Creating Eye-Catching Online Auctions

Online auction sites get a lot of traffic, serious traffic in fact. Those that handle everything under the sun garner visitors from the four corners of the earth and perhaps beyond!

So, how does a seller generate attention for an online auction item? It’s not as simple as it looks, but not far from it.

The key to hosting a successful auction is to attract attention to the individual page. This means a number of things, but the No. 1 base to cover is to make sure the auction as is clear, concise and honest. Honesty is the biggest virtue here if you want buyers to come back for other future auctions.

As you create your auction ad, there are a number of things to remember. They include:
* Make sure you categorize the item correctly. If you’re selling an autographed picture of Tom Cruise, try something in movie memorabilia or look for a category tailored to autographed pieces. If you don’t have hits on your auction, try another category. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get this right.
* Be honest in your ad. Don’t make things up. Don’t try to over sell. Be certain to explain what you have, its condition and anything that might make it special.
* Include pictures. This can be a deal maker or breaker. Get pictures and lots of them, if possible. A simple, cheap digital camera will do, but absolutely take pictures of items whenever possible. If you want your bidders to keep outdoing themselves, the picture can say a thousands words.
* As you design your ad, be certain to make it eye appealing. Keep wording to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking when possible. Get all angles of items that make sense to do so … furniture for example or even antique glass pieces. Cover shots work just fine for books, games and so on. Make sure the graphics you use are clear, and do use them to point out flaws as well.
* Buy upgrades add on items for the auction listing when you have something really special to sell. Anything that draws attention to your auction without stretching or breaking the truth works here. Whether it’s better page placement, funny symbols, capital letters in the header, anything to get folks to take a second look can really help.

Selling online can net a lot more money for items than straight out sales. If bidders are excited, the bottom line can really rise. But, if you don’t catch their attention, you won’t make a sale. Be honest, give good descriptions and let people “see” what they’ll be buying and you’re likely to do well.