Creating Natural Ponds Helps The Environment

A natural pond is a hive of activity. All sorts of animals such frogs, pond skaters, dragonflies, turtles, even the odd fox will pay a visit. These ponds are very important for the conservation of wildlife, animal and plant. As these wild oasis disappear, and they are going at a very fast rate, the plants and animals disappear too. Animals travel to man made watering holes that may be dangerous for them.

Because the animals have to come closer to human kind for their water they are stumbling onto chemical dumps or drainage and sewage runoff ditches. Because these animals are getting foreign poisonous substances in their bodies by drinking from these places, the species are slowly diminishing. This does not even count the thousands of species that are buried alive when it is decided it is cheaper to fill a pond in rather than build a bridge over it for the new freeway.

Because these wild ponds are disappearing many pond keepers now consider building a natural pond in their garden. More than ever, this type of pond attracts wildlife in abundance simply because the animals are running out of places to go. These mini oasis give pond keepers hours of enjoyment and fun as well as a feeling of well being.

Design And Maintenance

Even a small natural pond will be valuable to wildlife but you should build as large as you can. If possible it should be sited in a spot that receives plenty of sun but also has some shade. It should have a sloping bottom so their are variations in depth and it should be irregular in shape. You should protect the pond liner with a good layer of sand both under it and on the top. You can fill your pond with tap water as it will soon clear naturally. Plants will soon start to grow but remove weeds. The pond should be 70% clear.

You wil have to clean the pond occasionally by removing weeds, unwanted plants and any leaves that have found there way in. Don’t do any weeding in the first few months of the year as this is breeding time for invertebrates and amphibians and there eggs will be on the weeds. Its good practice when removing plants and leaves to leave them by the pond for a while so that any small pond life that you have inadvertently plucked from home can make their way back to sanctuary.

When you choose plants for your pond, stick with types that are naturally from your area. The wildlife will be much happier with surroundings they know and you will be much happier because the plants are much less likely to die. Resist any temptation when at the garden center to purchase any type of ornament for your pond. Remember your goal, it should look like it has been there long before you arrived. Natural ponds will bring you enjoyment like no other pond. The fact you have been environmentally responsible is just an added bonus!