Creating MySpace Layouts – A Beginners Guide

Creating a MySpace layout is much like anything, there is countless ways to achieve the same goal and many different end goals you can reach. One means of making a Myspace layout is to learn HTML; however that can be a long and difficult process, and is not strictly necessary if all you want to do is create a Myspace layout for your Myspace page. Other alternatives include using an editor, however using a generator is generally the preference of anyone interested in starting out with their own myspace layout, who does not feel inclined to take a crash course in web design first.

You can find a Myspace editor through visiting a website such as Google and performing a search for that very query. Upon doing so you will be presented with a wide variety of options, which one you choose is very much up to you as most perform similar to identical functions. From there it is time to consider the look and feel you wish to go for. Some people like to sit with a pen and a pad, and sketch what it is they are going to create; others like to jump on in and start creating; whatever you choose to do, you will always be able to go back and change it later on.

Now preview your selection once you have selected the colors and features that you desire. If you are not happy continue to make edits, if you are happy click to generate the code. Now open up your Myspace page and copy the code into the relevant part of the page.

If you would prefer to approach your layout in a different way, click on edit “about me” page in your Myspace profile, and keep in mind that the code is critical for your Myspace page to show…
table, td {
This code to follow has to be added in front of the tag, while you change color_code with your personal preference.
{background-color: color_code;}
If you wish to make an image your background then simply put in the web address where it asks you to put in the code.
body{background-image:url(“BACKGROUND WEB ADRRESS”);
Once you have the design that you are looking for, it is now time to consider ways of improving it further to ensure that you have the best looking Myspace page on the web. For many people this is never going to happen, because they do not have the time, the flair or the passion to make it work; however with a healthy mix of the before mentioned factors there is no reason why you can’t achieve your goal.
A great graphic designer will always make concepts and then refine his concepts and tweak them until he or she is happy with their work. That is what you should do too. After having made a few concepts you should consult your friends and family, always ensuring to take their comments on board to better impact the final result.