Creating Modeling Poses

It’s a mistake to think that clients who book you are willing to walk you through a modeling session step by step. There are some aspects of modeling that they’ll expect you to know before you even walk in the door – like how to pose, for example.

During a busy season, a photographer won’t enjoy having to direct you through a shoot. He or she will expect you to convey appropriate expressions of the products you’re posing with all on your own. If you’re a fashion model, you’d better be quick on your feet and come up with some pretty creative moves. The fashion industry is all about creativity and your ability to contribute to it will make you an instant success.

Don’t Do What’s Been Done Already

We’re all pretty familiar with the standard poses so there’s no need to repeat them in a new photo shoot. Leave those poses for the beginners. Since the clothing is new, your poses should also demonstrate the same freshness. Here’s your chance to exploit your experience and show that you can really connect with what the fashion designer is trying to say with his or her garments.

Change the way you think about what you’re modeling

If you’re modeling a product and you want to bring it into a brand new light, change the way you think about it. Ask yourself some off-the-wall questions, such as, “If I were this product, how would want the model to interact with me?” Or you could imagine that you’re an animal and approach the product with a sexy growl. These are certainly unorthodox ways of approaching a photo shoot, but you can begin to see how they challenge your mind into a unique thinking pattern.

Loosen Up

Modeling is a serious business, but letting loose is a way to break the tension and relax. Relaxation is the key towards creative thinking because it breaks down the walls that mistakenly gives us the impression we have control over everything. Sometimes – control is the exact opposite of what we need – especially when trying to think of creative poses. There is no control in creativity!

Don’t Get In Trouble

Creative poses are extremely important in the fashion industry – but you don’t’ want to go over the line. Your poses must still be very tasteful and emphasize the product (not you). If your photographer offers a suggestion – by all means follow it instead.

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