Creating Everyday Magic and Miracles…Part 2

Life is often referred to as a game; hence it is known as the game of life. If life is a game, then why are so many not enjoying their lives? Could it be the constant entrapments of day to day worries, such as mortgage loans, children’s tuition, taxes, and other mundane issues which seem to complicate our lives and literally diminish our zest for living? In other words, the game of life for many has not been fun to play. Therefore, instead of looking at life as a game, see life as a creative playground where we learn as we play and play as we become more.

Society at large has been misled. We are as people a collective consciousness who has been reduced to substandard living. That is not to imply that some individuals have not enjoyed the material aspects of this plane of reality. That simply is not the case. Substandard living is a result of believing that there are limits to one’s own good. Substandard living dictates that one can never fully step into their greatness because of a false belief that all must suffer for the sake of good. For example, there is an erroneous belief that states, if you worry about a situation it means that you care more about the outcome of the situation than the person who does not worry. This is an example of a misguided conviction that has ruled our culture for decades and has disturbed most people’s peace of mind.

Magic and miracles aren’t reserved for Harry Potter and his cohorts. All of us can benefit each day from life by understanding how to create our own miracles, magic, and awe-inspiring wonder. Here are 6 steps to begin a journey of self-fulfillment and prophecy.

First, Don’t take life for granted

It may sound like a cliché, but it is a repetitive mantra that holds great value. Start by waking early and listening to the sweet harmonious sounds of chirping birds. If birds aren’t enough to convince you, take joy in noticing how a small baby takes pleasure in meddling adults. Notice how much joy they take in capturing their parents’ attention. Babies, children in general are excellent examples of how we can suspend false beliefs and enjoy life.

Second, Speak magic into your life

Have you ever watched a child speaking and going on and on about a particular thing with so much enthusiasm and passion that before you know it they have received what it is they desire. It’s not because the adult just caved in and finally gave them their way. Children use the law of expectancy to verbally get what they want. It is a gift that comes naturally to them. The same law that works for children also works for adults.
There is an ancient proverb so powerful that it is found in every sacred text ever written by man; that is “life and death are in the power of the tongue”. By speaking goodness over your life and into your life one can watch as the magic of the invisible unfolds into physical manifestations.

Third, laugh more. Studies have shown that our physical body changes when we laugh; oxygen is sent to tissues and our muscles stretch throughout our face and body. There have been recent developments by physiologists comparing laughter to mild aerobic exercise boasting that laughing for just 1 hour will burn an amazing 50 calories. People are now taking laughter so seriously that there are thousands of laughter yoga clubs that have been developed nationwide. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Fourth, maintain gratitude by saying “I love you.”Sometimes the people, who make it the most difficult, are the ones who need to hear it the most. In terms of karma, if one begins to practice this particular principle, the Universe will see to it that all of your needs are met. It might be hard at first and may require force, but saying and displaying love will always keep the divine flow of love and devotion circling back into your life.

Fifth, recognize the mirrors in your life. Because we are co-creators with Source Energy, the divine—the All and literally create our own life, everyone who is involved in our lives are reflections of us. If there are attitudes that disturb you begin to ask yourself, “what could be living in my consciousness that I’m not aware of.” By recognizing our own inner attitudes towards life and people, we can begin to create a better and more holistic world for ourselves.

Sixth, become familiar with powerful life changing universal laws. Within the last year and a half, the universal law of attraction has garnered much attention. While the law of attraction is valid, it was never meant to be understood alone. The universal law of abundance is a law which allows us to know that our being is that of abundance, while the law of giving shows us how to continue the flow of abundance. Every law works together for our good and we can better focus our creative energy by learning to align correctly with universal laws once they are known and understood.

As you can see, life can be fun again. The magic and miracles in life is life itself. When we learn to relax and practice the law of least resistance, we will quickly learn that manifesting what we truly desire in life is a matter of creative play and this life we live is a creative playground given to us by the Divine. Express yourself without repressing your true desires and you will experience magic and miracles everyday.