Creating An S508 Valid Joomla Template

A web content accessibility report can be generated on any software that is developed using the Joomla Content Management System. This report will provide a detailed report of all programming code contained in any file that is submitted for verification. If a C508 valid Joomla template has been created, it will be displayed on the verification checklist.

The Joomla Content Management System allows people to build create imaginative applications that serve a purpose to the company that has hired developers for this task. The corporation might need a online commerce site, which will require certain objects to be placed in the code. The S-508 Standards work hand in hand with the W3C standards, and require all elements in the code to pass a rigorous testing process in order to perform correctly when people access the program at a later date.

The S508 Standards are filled with various rules that must be met before a newly created program can be completed. Line per line, the web page code is methodically created to include abbreviations that give a blank web page color, depth and style. Using the S-508 checker that is available on the website, developers are able to identify errors in code and correct them as the application is created.

The S-508 Standards are part of an in-depth checks and balances system that identifies whether an attribute is missing or used incorrectly for the line of web page text that it is used in. Simple errors such as invalid IMG elements, could be corrected by inserting the correct file name that has been assigned to a photograph.

The basic Joomla package can be installed on any computer system and be up in running in a matter of minutes. Developers all over the country gain access to the basic programming codes, and then modify the code to create such things as small business websites, or community-based portals where people can find the answers they need to a large number of problems.

There are extension packages that can be purchased separately for the Joomla software program. These extensions of the Content Management System are built from the Joomla framework and allow developers to customize them to meet their own needs. The developer has access to programs that deal specifically with document management, business directories, image galleries, and there is an ample assortment of forums and chat room software too.

The developer is assured that the Joomla Content Management System software contains programming code that has passed all of the S-508 standards. The software extensions that can be downloaded from the Joomla website have also been certified by the S-508 Standards program, and all applicable comments on the code in the extension is thoroughly explained through the verification checklist.

Developers will know very quickly whether their coding efforts have passed the S-508 Standards test, and any corrections that need to be made can be done quickly and efficiently. The code is then ready to be expanded on by others at a later date.

Joomla allows the checker programs to be downloaded by the developer and supplies an icon that can be displayed on all of the programs that are created using the Joomla Content Management System. Then all clients will recognize that they are using quality products that have undergone a rigorous testing program.