Creating an Online Photo

The Truth About Online Photos

Just about everyone involved in online dating or telephone dating can relate to the theme of the acclaimed film The Truth About Cats and Dogs in which the attractive friend of the less attractive radio host meets a call-in love interest of the less attractive friend in person so that the less attractive person does not have to deal with the immediate rejection of being tossed away because of her appearance. Sound complicated? Well, attempting to baffle a potential love interest always tends to be.

When you look for love online, it can be intimidating to post your photo alongside a sea of attractive faces. You start to wonder if you will be out-rightly rejected on the grounds of your less-than-adequate appearance. You wonder if someone you know will recognize you and you wonder if you can truly attract the partner of your dreams with only your winning personality.

However, it is important that you begin any sort of relationship from a place of complete honesty, which includes putting yourself out there online for all of your potential loves to gawk at. By running the risk of humiliation, you prove that you, like your potential partner, are willing to play by the rules of the online dating game.

If you think that an online love interest might not really be the person represented by the photo, there’s no harm in asking. Your potential date might even be flattered, if you phrase the question in such a way that gives them an immediate boost of confidence, such as, “Wow! Is that really you in the photo? Or did you just pick a hot friend to pose?”

When trying to find the truth behind an online photo, it is important that you avoid questions that would make your potential date defensive, such as, “You told me you had brown hair. The person in your picture has blond hair.” Instead, you can phrase the statement more gently, such as, “I like the photo – is that your natural hair color or does it turn blond in the sun?” Remember, even though the Internet allows us to be almost completely anonymous, it is not a good excuse for allowing us to be jerks to people. Be gentle, as if you were truly meeting your future spouse for the first time.

Remember, when selecting an online photo of yourself, it is important that you choose a picture that is both attractive and tasteful. Refrain from posting nude or suggestive photos of yourself, unless you wish to convey a very certain image of your general behavior. Now get out there and scour through photos until you find the few that work best for you!