Creating Abundance: How our Emotions Keep us from Experiencing True Happiness

Have you ever heard anyone say something along the lines of “You can create and achieve whatever it is that you want in life”? Many people would love to have all their dreams come true but because of what THEY do, it just never happens. You see, most of the time, WE are our own worst enemy. The things we do, the things we don’t do, the things we say, all combine to put us in our place in life. It is only after realizing some key truths that we can begin to realize true the true happiness that creating abundance can bring to us.

So, what are these key truths? Well, for one, we must learn that just because we experience emotions, it doesn’t mean that our life should be consumed by them. Take for instance depression. If you state “I am depressed”, you have immediately become one with the emotion. You are basically saying that you and depression are the same thing. This subtle psychological reinforcement can bring on even deeper negative emotions as you struggle to break free from its grasp. On the other hand, if you could stop to realize that instead, you FEEL depressed, then you could begin to free yourself from the hold that emotions have over you. Certainly the process is a bit easier said than done, but once you realize that you and your emotions are separate things, you can rationally and logically work through them.

The second key truth about ourselves is that in order to experience the joys of creating abundance in our lives, we have to remove from lives the titles we have lived by throughout our existence. If your goal in life is to become debt free and build up significant wealth, this can be extremely difficult if you see yourself as “buried in debt” or “poor” or any of a number of negative titles that can keep you in the same place throughout your life. It is through truly separating YOU from your situation that will allow you to prosper and move forward. Again, these examples may seem over simplified and the work to achieve your goals can be arduous and lengthy, once you begin to realize that you truly have power and control over your situations in life you can begin to achieve all the things you truly want and need in order to experience happiness.

Creating abundance certainly takes more effort than changing the verbiage of how you describe yourself and your situations. It takes effort to fully experience how your emotions and situations make you feel…deep inside, and how you react to those feelings. You have to really feel those emotions deeply and connect with the things in your life that make you feel them before you can change them. Creating abundance is not just about wealth either, it can be attached to anything that you want more of in your life…love, your health, more time to spend with your children, the WHAT doesn’t matter, but the path to get there does. Taking the time to learn more about yourself, your emotions, your reactions to them and how you can alter your mindset to bring about positive changes is the real secret to creating abundance in your life. It is a journey to be sure, but one that can result in an incredibly positive destination.