Creating a Wedding Scrapbook

How about going beyond the traditional wedding photo album, and creating a wedding scrapbook? This opens up many more possibilities to put more love and detail into the end result. While a photo album typically includes mostly just photos, a scrapbook and bring in a wide variety of visual elements, giving it a distinct advantage over a photo album. Considering your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, isn’t it worth the extra effort in creating something truly memorable?

Here are some basic ideas to creating your own wedding scrapbook:

  • Assemble the best photos from your wedding day. Or extend it to include a wider time period, including the rehearsal, honeymoon, or even your dating times. Pick key significant photos, especially close-ups. Examples might include the kiss during the ceremony, a close up your ring, the cake, a special dance, etc.
  • Include special items from the wedding. Try to save things such as announcements, menus, copy of the marriage certificate, and other items that can be attached. This is what makes great scrapbooks stand out.
  • Include journal entries, writing brief text which explains the photos. Include feelings you had at the time. Were you happy? Nervous? Excited? Scared?
  • Organize the scrapbook pages in chronological order. The cover page may be from any period or done as a summary page, but the remaining pages will work best in order. Label the pages clearly somewhere so the viewer knows the theme.
  • This will be one of your most important scrapbooks, so take proper care for preservation. Be sure to use acid-free paper, and the correct type of adhesives for photos and other elements. Choose only the best art materials and embellishments. And clearly you’ll want to take time to do a nice layout.

Wedding scrapbooks may be done by yourself, or for someone else. If you’re doing it for someone else, be sure to allow a place for the bride and groom to journal their personal memories. Your efforts can be a foundation for them to build on with their own additions, making it even more special to them. Regardless of who creates it, this can be a wonderful treasury of memories which can create a holistic picture of the wedding day in a way a photo album cannot match.