Creating A Sun Room With A View

Creating A Room With A View
Backyard bird watching is a top pastime in America with literally millions reporting they enjoy the pursuit. For those with a sunroom, this venture becomes even more so enjoyable, but half the battle is attracting the critters in the first place. Getting started only requires a little patience and planning and once it’s completed, a normal backyard view can quickly become an extraordinary one.

People who want to attract hummingbirds within a close proximity of their sunrooms will find the job is pretty easy if they live in North America. With several species of the little birds calling North America home, it’s relatively easy for anyone to attract these birds into their backyard landscape.

Sunroom owners will want to take a few steps to create an environment that’s welcoming for hummingbirds. The first thing’s first – hummingbirds love the color red. That means, include red, bird-attracting flowers in the outdoor landscaping and lots of them. This is also great for creating a nice view for those inside the sunroom, too!

Group like colored flowers together to create an even better atmosphere. Of course, make a nice red area within a good viewing spot of the sunroom’s prime seating. Now, with the flowers in place, hummingbird feeders are a must. Make sure to go with red and use only specially designed hummingbird feed or sugar water to begin attracting the little birds.

Hummingbirds are also known for liking spots to perch on and also clean themselves off on. Keeping a light dusting of water on plants and providing some good perching trees or shrubs not only makes hummingbirds happy, it will add to the overall landscaping view those in the sunroom can enjoy.

With the outdoors environment set for hummingbirds, it’s a good idea for those with glass sunrooms to consider the birds’ safety on the indoors, too. Since the birds are very attracted to red, if glass is present, be sure to keep items on the inside that might attract them out of plain sight. It’s no fun to attract the birds you’ve been anxious to see, only to have them fly into the glass!

With a little patience and perseverance just about any backyard in North America can be turned into a hummingbird paradise. For those with a sunroom, the view couldn’t be better and in the process of creating the perfect bird-watching habit, you’ll also find yourself with a room with quite a view.