Creating A Successful Ezine: 4 Ways To Profit From Your Ezine

Publishing an ezine and having a strong list of subscribers can be really challenging. All you have to do to make money is strengthen your relationship with your opt-in members and try to convert them into customers. Here are 4 useful tips to increase your income by publishing an ezine.

1. Write And Promote Articles
Writing articles can be an excellent way to connect with your readers and increase your revenue. The idea is to use a resource box or a link inside your article that points to a webpage of your choice out of which you expect to make money (e.g. a page about a product you are affiliated with and earn commissions or a page with your own product).

Another benefit of article writing for ezine publishers is that you have the chance to share your expertise and knowledge. This is the best way to promote your business and strengthen your status as an expert in your field. Always allow your subscribers to reprint your articles providing they will attribute the work in the manner specified by you.

If you can’t write your own articles you can use other’s articles to share with your readers. Just go to google and search for -Article Directories-. Millions of results will appear. The Article Directory websites will allow you to search for the latest fresh articles, copy them and republish them. Just make sure your read their terms and conditions for republishing.

2. Join Affiliate Programs And Promote Products
Keep your ezine members busy. Always update them with news and free promotions but don’t flood them. It’s a good practice to throw an offer to your subscribers every now and then and make some money. The easiest way to do this is by becoming an affiliate of someone who is already an expert in your field. This is a great way to offer unique products and services to your readers and earn commissions. Here’s how to do that.

Go to google and search for affiliate programs in your niche. For example if your niche is about.. let’s say.. ezines, you can search for the term -Ezine Affiliate Programs- or -Ezine Products Affiliates- or something like that. Look at the results and search for websites that already have affiliate systems where you join and receive your unique affiliate ID to promote the ezine product.

Now, you can write a fresh article about your product and include your affiliate link somewhere in the article. When publishing your ezine, you should expect some of your readers to click on your affiliate link, depending on the relationship you have with them. The more you are connected with them the better.

3. Free Offers vs. Paid Products
Offering a combination of both free and paid products and services will help. Just make sure your free offers have a way to make you money later. For example you may offer a free report about -How To Increase Your Ezine Traffic and Opt-in Member List- or any other free ebook. Inside this report, apart from the free information you will provide, you will include ads with your affiliate links or you may promote another product. When people click on them and buy, you earn commissions or make sales.

If you can’t write your own free ebooks or reports go to google and search for -Free Reports- or -Free Ebooks- or -Free Rebrandable Ebooks- in your niche. Make sure you can re-distribute (or even rebrand) those reports and offer them through your ezine.

4. Offer Advertising or Make Deals
As your ezine grows it’s time to offer advertising space to potential advertisers. You can sell ads to your subscribers or visitors and collect the funds. Create a limited time offer and a few advertising spaces. Ask for testimonials from people who share how their ad on your ezine has paid them off. Post those testimonials where everybody can see them. It’s a great way to make extra cash and create a network of advertisers interested in your ezine.

Here’s another idea. Instead of selling ads on your ezine you may want to exchange ads with another ezine in your niche. Also, if you have a product to promote, you can make a deal with the ezine owner and offer them advertising space in exchange for them publishing one or more of your articles with your affiliate links inside. If the ezine owner also has a product to promote, you can arrange to recommend their product in your ezine if they recommending yours.

There are countless ways to make money with your ezine. These are just a few inspirational tips to help you increase your profits. I hope that helps.