Creating a Coffeehouse at Home

Creating A Coffeehouse Atmosphere At Home

While it’s quite true few experiences can compare to slowly sipping on a fresh, hot cup of gourmet coffee that’s been created from beans just ground in an environment that just sings coffee, the coffeehouse atmosphere can extend to a home.

There’s no need to travel out every time a great cup of coffee is desired with the number of coffee accessories a true fanatic can purchase for personal use. From specialized coffee makers to designer cups, beans and creams, there’s really no reason not to enjoy a good cup at home, too.

The accessories available for home brewing are widely priced and vary a great deal. In general, though, only a few things are needed to created a good coffeehouse feel right at home, which of course, is perfect for personal enjoyment and entertaining, too. Items necessary include:

* Drip brewer or other coffee machine. By evenly heating and distributing water at just the right temperature, an automatic coffee maker is good to have on hand. Just make sure the one you buy can handle freshly ground beans without the grinds falling into the pot.
* Espresso maker. No true coffee connoisseur can be without one. Ideal for making everything from Italian espresso and cappuccino to Cuban coffee and cafĂ© con leche, this is a mainstay in a home that’s serious about coffee.
* Specialty cups. Teeny, tiny coffee cups just don’t work for a big morning brew. Those same huge cups look like giants though for serving up espresso. Have a few sets of different designs on hand for personal use and entertaining. Remember, demitasse cups are ideal for espresso.
* Grinder. Freshly ground beans are the only way to go. Whether you choose a hand grinder or an electric one is up to you, but the key to a fresh taste is a fresh grind.
* Canisters that are airtight. Those freshly roasted beans won’t stay that way for long if they’re not stored correctly. Make sure to keep beans cool, out of the light and tightly sealed.
* Serving set for creams, sugars and so on. People like their coffee their own way. Trying to add the toppings on your own won’t always please, so let guests do it themselves with serving items.

Few things can compare to the relaxed, kicked back and intellectual environments offered by many coffee houses, but creating a replica in one’s own home is more than possible. With a few small investments and a good bag of freshly roasted beans, there’s no reason to not enjoy a fresh cup at home any time.