Creating a Backyard Garden

Any garden that provides its main tender with a place of relaxation and solitude in a world that sometimes seems mad is a great garden. For backyard gardeners the creation of a personal paradise is often the goal. And for many, this is exactly what the goal should be.

With this in mind, remember a backyard garden should be a reflection of who you are and what you love. It should speak to your soul, provide you a place to forget your worries and foster growth and life through a labor of love.

Unfortunately many backyard gardeners get caught in the trap of believing they have to create gardens that match or mimic the well-groomed gardens found in amusement parks, botanical gardens or even pristine homes with a full garden staff. This doesn’t have to be the case. It’s your backyard, have fun with it!

To create a backyard garden that’s uniquely yours, go with what feels right, looks good to you and have fun. Keep your interests and your own design scheme in mind as you pick out items for your garden and you’ll find the process of creating the picture you have in your mind in the privacy of your backyard will be fun and rewarding. Keep the textbook designs for the front yard and just enjoy the back.

Make your personal tastes and your personality shine in your backyard garden by doing the following things:
* Pick out plants that you like. Who says purple flowers can’t go next to those with orange tones? As long as they have similar growing requirements, who cares? If they work well together and you like them that way, have at it!
* Find garden art that makes you happy. A stately statue might please some, but more whimsical creations make others smile. Go with what you like and run with it. If you find a particularly interesting piece of garden art, build your personal paradise around it.
* Set up beds where you want them. A neatly designed garden might suit some, but for others a more scattered growth pattern is desired. There’s no right and wrong here. Design your garden to suit what you’d like to achieve.

Once you’ve created your backyard garden, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy it. A bench in a shaded place is often ideal for providing just the right spot for taking in the plants, flowers and trees while also getting the opportunity for spotting the butterflies and birds the garden might attract, too.

Backyard gardening doesn’t really have a right or a wrong way about it. Create what makes you happy and have fun doing so. If this is the approach you take, you can’t go wrong.