Create Your Own Christmas Decorations

There is nothing like returning home at the end of a cold, wet day after a hectic day shopping into a warm house, scented with pine. A real fir tree at this time of year lit up with fairy lights and festooned with striking decorations is a must for every family Christmas.

If you can’t afford to invest in new decorations for your tree this year then consider making them yourself, get the kids to help as it’s a great way to spend quality time together and do something fun and creative, and think of the money you’ll save! Tree decorations can instantly change the atmosphere of a room from its normal everyday look into a festive and joyful place where everyone will want to spend their evenings.

This is a once a year special occasion and the tree is one of the most important items you buy at this time. Fragrant and beautiful, a lot of hard work has gone into creating it. The life of a Christmas tree takes around 10 years for the seed to grow into a mature tree and during this time it’s nurtured with supplements, de-bugged and frequently checked to ensure it stays healthy. Once the seeds are big enough they are transplanted in fields where they remain until they are harvested.

Putting time aside each year to decorate your Christmas tree is a lot of fun and should be done as a family. Children will realise its importance and the meaning of the decorations for the festivities, and understand that it’s not only about getting presents! Once the tree is finished switch on the lights and watch a movie or invite friends over for a few drinks and mince pies to wish them a happy new year.

Decorating xmas trees is customary in many homes, and hand-made decorations are often saved from one year to the next. There’ll be exclamations of delight each December as they’re pulled out of the box in anticipation of being hung on the tree, and each will have a memory attached to it.

Homemade decorations are simple to make but effective and cheap. Paper chains can be strung over the tree or hung from one corner of the ceiling to another to brighten up the room. Use festive colours like green and red or gold construction paper and cut it into horizontal strips, then fold them into a circle and seal with tape. Take another strip in a different colour and run it through the first circle and keep on doing this until you have a long colourful paper garland.

Pines cones can be found for free in the local park or nearby woodland, or buy them quite cheaply from craft shops. Kids will love this project and the finished effect looks great. You can decorate the pine cone either by spraying it gold, or put some glue on it then sprinkle glitter, or even paint it white like snow then add silver glitter. Once they’re dry hang them from the tree by red ribbons or string.

These are just some of the simplest ideas for making your home look jolly, if you go online there are heaps of great ideas to look through. How about being adventuress and creating a snow globe from a glass jar and glitter? Or adding kids art to the walls, such as a reindeer painted from hand and foot prints, and smiley snowflakes.

Decorating Christmas trees on a budget doesn’t have to look cheap, one free afternoon just get the kids to use their imagination with some inexpensive supplies and your home can look beautiful and unique. Carry out an online search for freshly grown farm trees in the UK and find a quality product that will delight the whole family.