Create A Wealthy Life – Using the Power of Your Intention

Copyright 2006 Tania French

Have you ever had the secret desire to write a book? Or sell your art? How about composing a hit? Or publishing articles in your line of expertise? I would venture to say, that we’ve all had that urge.

Catch is, few of us act on it in a productive, wealth generating way.

There is a vibration that I’m going to tell you about now because it’s a crucial ingredient – that is, if you want prosperity. The vibrational energy of thought. More specifically – your intention.

The magic and strength that’s created by your intention outlives and outshines everything else in your life.

When the confidence in achieving your intention supersedes your fears and doubts, you’ve utterly transformed your life. Nothing – no nay-sayers, no belittlers, no doubters – Nothing will stop you from manifesting that creative impulse.

Creation always begins in the mind. A thought or idea always precedes form. For example, a book is first conceived in the mind of the writer and then given shape. By consciously directing thought – intention – you transmute your desires into form.

My life changed immeasurably as a result of using ancient prosperity principles. They helped me translate my deepest desires into reality.

You too can vibrate at a totally new velocity. Raising those vibrations has everything to do with passion.

Keep this secret in mind. Ask all the ‘how’ questions later. First you have to be utterly convinced that you Want to make a change. Not just any change. But a change that translates using your unique gift to create prosperity. It’s not the ‘hows’ that matter.

What matters most is your will. When you Want To make a change the ‘how to’ will generally fall into place like magic.

Let me explain.

Most folks in business for themselves don’t have much clarity or commitment to success. They’re minds are fogged up with notions of fear and hope. So, they sit back and wait to see how life will treat them. Then they try to deal with what ‘life’ throws at them.

They don’t take ownership of their success from the start. Look, no one is to blame for anything that happens to you. Good of bad. And that should feel like good news to you. Because what it means is that you are in Total Control of Your Life.

Your Want To’s will define your life forever. If you don’t have them, you will keep drifting like most people around you.

Take charge of your intention and life will never look dreary to you again. No, you won’t put on rose-colored glasses – you won’t need to.

You’ll see that harmonizing your life towards one goal will create a vibration so strong that you know, without a doubt, your desire is about to manifest.

Your vision of the future will be perfection.