Create a New Hairstyle with Rag Rollers

It’s hard to believe, but an old bed sheet might just be a hairstyling must have. When the desire is to create long, flowing tresses with soft, wavy curls, a bed sheet is a girl’s best friend.

That’s right – a bed sheet. A soft cotton sheet is ideal for creating rag rollers. These seemingly old fashion creations are just right for crafting at-home looks that will rival a movie star’s salon do. Since they’re easier on the hair than hot rollers, irons and other curling implements, they’re perfect for loose, soft curls.

Knowing that bed sheet will do wonders for a hairstyle and actually turning it into the stuff curls are made of are two different things. The process, however, isn’t very hard. Here’s what you’ll need:
* 1 old bed sheet. Preferably one you can live without. Cotton is a great choice here. Satin would be fine, but it’s hard to work with since it slips too readily through the fingers and hair can easily slip out, as well.
* Scissors – the sheet will have to be cut up. So, be certain the sheet chosen is one that’s no longer needed.
* Measuring tape and marking pen. These will be needed to measure out the first few strips for rag rollers.
In general, those with long, thick hair will need about 60 individual rag rollers to create an all over soft curl look. Begin by cutting strips that are about six inches long and one inch wide. For very long hair, make the strips even longer. It’s best to test a few strips before cutting up the sheet entirely as some hair will require very long rollers while shorter hair might only need strips cut in shorter lengths.

Rag rollers are generally tied right up against the scalp after a few strands of hair has been rolled up inside.

The advantage to these rollers over others include:
* Doesn’t damage the hair the way hot rollers can. Since there’s no heat, there’s no burning or drying out.
* More comfortable for sleeping on. For any woman who has slept on rollers, the comfort factor of rag rollers will be more than appreciated.
* Economical. These rollers cost almost nothing the make.

When it comes to creating soft, flowing curls, the old fashion solution is sometimes the best. For hairstyles that require this softer, flowing look, grab an old sheet, a pair of scissors and have at it. It’s likely you’ll be amazed with the results.