Cranberry Juice – The Natural Diuretic

Drug tests are done to find out whether a person has abused illicit drugs or not. Drug tests are increasingly becoming compulsory at many work places, for college admissions, and in sports. This has led to drug abusers to find out the ways to pass a drug test. Using cranberry juice is one of the common methods used by the drug abusers to pass the urine drug test. Information is given below on the method followed by the drug abusers to pass a drug test.

Cranberry Juice – The Natural Diuretic:

Cranberry Juice is treated as a natural diuretic, which can be consumed at home. Having cranberry juice on the day of the test temporarily dilutes the urine. This will temporarily strip out THC from the urine. High quality cranberry juice is also consumed to balance the pH level of the urine and increase frequency of urination. Cranberry juice is praised for its ability to aid in maintaining natural kidney functioning.

Using Cranberry Juice to Pass the Drug Test:

Drug abusers drink a few glasses of cranberry juice before going to work on the day of the test. They ensure the urine in the bladder is as watered down as possible. Drug abusers begin by drinking a gallon or more of water and drink a couple of glasses of cranberry juice in between. The cranberry juice will ensure to urinate frequently.

If the company has a history of having tests on the work places instantly, drug abusers try to keep a bottle of cranberry juice with them always. They just drink it before the test, and possibly get a chance to urinate before the test to clean out the system with the aid of the juice.

How it Works:

Theory is to cause a “pH shift”, making the urine sample acidic – altering the chemistry of immunoassay tests. In reality – the body detoxifies the acid & dilutes to physiological pH. Between the frequent urination and the dilution of your urine with water, metabolites are unable to build up to a detectable level. For example, cranberry juice contains enough benzoic acid to produce a decidedly acidic urine specimen. Alterations of the urine pH outside the specified limits could result in a false-negative result.

This should help you to look for ways to prevent a potential drug addict from circumventing the test procedure.