Courage – The First Step On The Road To Success

For most people who even think about going outside of the paradigm, they will be met with various forms of negativity ranging from: “You’re going to throw away your life,” to “You can’t do that.” Some people will retort with, “______ did it, and look at them,” only to be followed up with, “Yeah, well they got lucky.”

This kind of negativity is the poison that just about kills off all the courage that anyone who ever had a dream may have even had at all. That coupled with the fear of throwing away your life is enough to cause most people to give up on their goals and desires all together.

You have one advantage though. You’re interested in accomplishing your pursuits no matter what, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now. Those people without courage have either lost their dream or it’s barely surviving on life-support and won’t last much longer. So while I commend you on your strength of will, there’s still a lot more development to be done.

So what’s the first step? The first step is to extinguish all negativity in your life. I’m going to make this easy for you by describing three things that you can do to relieve this stress-causing opposition.

1) Handle anyone that you’ve told about your goals that shot them down in your face. These are the toughest ones to beat, because they’re the ones that will be sitting on edge waiting for you to fail, will always be in your face asking you questions, and wondering when you’re going to come back “down to Earth”. Down to their level.

Here’s what you do with those people: You Lie. Yes, it sounds immoral, but they have no right in the world to tell you what you can’t accomplish, especially in America where part of our national motto is the right to the pursuit of happiness. You lie to these people, and you keep them as uninformed as possible.

2) If these same people keep nosing around, asking you questions about “how things are going” or “what you’re up to”, don’t entertain them by giving them fuel on which to put you down or start an argument. Simply say “good” or “not much”. Keep your responses simple and uninteresting. All they’re looking for is a way to bring you down. If you can avoid a conversation about your interests with these spiteful people, do it!

3) You should seek to find other like-minded people. These are the best sorts of people to have around you. They’re positive, they’re pursuing their own independent career goals, and they’re supportive, because they know that they need support, too. This point can’t be stressed enough.

By reading this short article, you have already passed the first test of courage: seeking out help, submitting to guidance and advice, and accepting that you need to learn more. However, this certainly is not the last. Tests like these will constantly appear to test your dedication to your goals, and you must be strong enough to conquer them. Frankly, if you can’t work up the courage to chase the dream, then you won’t ever reach it.