Countdown to Bliss

One of the drawbacks to having an imagination that can envision everything from the mundane to the fantastic is that whenever we imagine something that we want, we tend to want it NOW.

This can apply to anything from high-dollar material goods that we want, to something as simple as wanting to spend time with someone that we care about, or to looking forward to the weekend so that we can enjoy some time off.

There is nothing at all wrong with looking forward to having the things that we want, or to doing the things that we want to do. However, our failing as human beings comes in the fact that we forgot to enjoy the moments that lead up to attaining the things that we desire.

We view the time between “now” and whenever we get what we want as just the filler, and we don’t really make an effort to be abundantly filled with joy in the meantime. Since we think that the event or the material possession that we want will make us extremely happy, we forget to be extremely happy while we’re waiting!

The truth of the matter is that every single moment in our lives should be filled with abundant joy and happiness. Every single moment is a gift that we have created for ourselves, and to squander even a moment of time in anything less than a state of joy is as much of a crime as squandering months or years of our life.

For example:

• On Monday morning, we immediately start to countdown the days until the following Friday when we can get off work and relax, spend time with our family, or go out with our friends.

• At the beginning of a new class in college, students start to countdown the days until the end of the semester because they don’t like their instructor.

• At the beginning of the summer, people start to countdown the days until their upcoming vacation because they are looking forward to it, and nothing that they do in the meantime could possibly be as much fun as their planned vacation.

These are but a few examples of how this concept works in our lives. What people don’t realize is that by not appreciating each and every moment of their lives, they are creating negative energy that is making their lives an experience that they don’t truly enjoy.

They are continually sending out the message that “This life is not what I want, except when I have or do very specific things”. By consistently sending out that message, those people continue to create and recreate the very existence that they don’t enjoy.

Their life becomes nothing but a string of “blah” moments with occasional highlights such as a new car, a great vacation, or an exciting new opportunity that quickly loses its appeal.

By consistently sending out the message that we “can’t wait” to attain something or to do something, we create a life of only being happy during those very brief moments when we are doing or attaining those things.

On the flip side, whenever we are able to see the joy in every moment, in every material possession, and in every situation, then whenever something extraordinarily good happens, it’s like a bonus!

We were already having a good time in life, laughing and enjoying the ride, and then suddenly – BOOM – something even better happens! Then, afterwards, we go right back to enjoying every moment and – BOOM – something else wonderful happens!

The trick to all of this is that whenever we flow negative “I wish I had this” energy, then we will attract more opportunities to say “I wish I had this”. However, when we flow positive “I love life and I’m happy with what I have” energy, then we will just as surely attract more opportunities to love our life, and to have fun and exciting possessions and experiences.

The bottom line is this: If you do nothing but sit around counting down the days until you can be happy, then you will turn your life into an endless, boring countdown with just a few enjoyable highlights along the way.

However, when you enjoy your life just for the sake of enjoying your life, then it becomes an on-going incredible and fun experience, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

The choice – as always – is YOURS.