Could Hidden Parasites be Keeping You Fat ?

Horrible parasites may well be the reason that you cannot lose weight now matter what you try.

You may have found that no matter what type of diet you have tried – whether it was reducing calories, increasing or reducing carbohydrates, fat or protein intakes, exercising till your heart drops out that no matter what you cannot lose the extra pounds and weight.

According to the WHO – the World Health Organization, 3.5 billion – yes that is right billions not millions of people throughout the world suffer from types of parasitic infestations and infections. You would think because you live in the clean modern US of A that you are immune and safe from these problems. Not so. Not all of these people of the 3.5 billion. Since the world population is estimated at 6.5 billion and since 3.5 billions are thought to be infected might it not happen to you?

Parasitic infestations may be severe or mild and can be life threatening, they may be apparently symptom less and go on for years. You may never even know that you are infected by parasites unless it becomes a problems that is apparent – such as poor absorption of critical vitamins leading to anemia or weight loss that is found to be the result of a large tapeworm or worms.

However in your case the direct cause of that weight gain that seems to be permanent and will never go away no matter what you do may well be those so called hidden insidious parasites.

Believe it or not parasites are a hidden major source of weight gain. Fish or meat that is raw, rare or cooked in a microwave oven is not exposed to the high heat necessary to kill those evil weight causing parasites like worms and protozoa and their offspring. Once in the gut these hardy creatures absorb the nutrients necessary to keep blood sugar levels balanced and energy levels for you high. As a result you may have sugar cravings in addition to chronic fatigue and even depression. Further since the body’s food intake feedback control system has been short-circuited biochemical signals that are normally correct are no erroneously reporting to your body and brain that you are in hunger further causing you to mistakenly overeat.

In essence the parasites are tricking your body into having you eat more so that they can be well fed and reproduce. So crafty. And at your expense in terms of calorie intake and weight gain.

What can be done? The first step is awareness and prevention. Choose your meals and preparation types well. Have your food especially meats well cooked in a proper hot oven. It may be hard for you though if it is your preference to miss that rare steak.

Secondly be very careful when you are on vacation especially to exotic climes including third world countries where sanitation and proper hygiene may not be the norm. Remember that seemingly innocent things like ice to cool a drink may be suspect.
Lastly be careful of water born parasites. If in doubt boil the water over a stove or in a kettle or coffee pot. And as well be careful if you swim away from chlorinated swimming pools.

Lastly if you are concerned that hidden parasites may well be the cause of you weight gain visit your health practitioner so that the appropriate tests and measures be done.