Costs of Hair Straightening

There is a large range of prices for the different hair straightening irons on the market today. With a little knowledge about the different styles and features, you will be able to find a hair straightener right for you in no time. Remember that price does not necessarily equal quality, so buying the most expensive may not be good for you. It is best to take a look at the middle ranged hair straighteners, so you don’t break the bank while trying to have the straight do you have always wanted.

The first thing you should consider is the type of metal that is used to straighten the hair. Certain metals on less expensive hair straighteners are rather harmful to your delicate hair. Aluminum metal plates should be avoided because overtime your hair will become damaged and more brittle. If you are unable to purchase one without aluminum plates then make sure you do not use it everyday. It also helps to use heat treatments on your hair to protect it. Remember that if you do not start out with healthy hair, then it is much easier to damage further!
Unlike inferior aluminum plates, ceramic plates are ideal for a hair straightener. These types of plates have been introduced into the market and are making a huge difference on hair. The ceramic plate has a very smooth texture and allows the distribution of heat to be even throughout. Having the heat distributed properly keeps you safe from hot spots on the plate, which could cause burn marks in your hair. Ceramic plates also heat up much quicker and hold their heat much longer than the aluminum metal plates. Ceramic plates are quite necessary for people with fine hair because it is much easier to damage and burn.
Your hair should be important to you, so do not settle for a product that could damage your hair significantly. Buying a cheap hair straightener may save you some money now, but it will force you to buy repairing serums and oils for your hair later. It is possible to buy a good ceramic plate under $100, so look at online auctions and other discount retailers.
If price is not hindering your purchase, then perhaps you could buy a tourmaline crushed ceramic plate hair straightener. This is the finest on the market today! Tourmaline which is actually a gemstone, is crushed into the ceramic plate. Since tourmaline has negative ions in them naturally it will lessen fly-aways and tame those nasty areas of frizz. Expect to several hundred dollars for a hair straightener with this technology.

Buying the cheapest or most expensive hair straightener is usually not the best course of action. Look at models that retail for under $100 to find one that is right for you hairstyle and hair type.