Cost of plastic surgery

The appeal of plastic surgery is widespread. However, everybody is not comfortable to go for it. This is because the cost of plastic surgery plays bar in the cases of many enthusiasts.

The cost is very important in the overall plastic surgery planning. A faulty planning may make you spend more than what was actually required. Similarly, a flawless planning can help you successfully avoid unnecessary expenses.

Appropriate surgery center – A crucial factor in avoiding over-expenses

The correct selection of the plastic surgery center is crucial in determining your plastic surgery costs.

You must select the center meticulously without getting carried away with mere advertisements, glamorous appearance, etc. You must be sure that the surgeon in the center is qualified enough to do the surgery. Besides, you must also be sure that the procedure by the center is appropriate for you.

Choosing the wrong surgery center will expose you to faulty operation. That will result into wastage of your hard-earned money. It may force you to go for another surgery – even if you do not wish – doubling your surgery costs.

The cost ranges of plastic surgery

There are various factors that affect the cost of plastic surgery. A better idea about them will help you understand the reasons behind the variations of the costs.

The fee of the plastic surgeon

It is obvious that surgeons best in the profession will demand more fees than the others. On the other hand the fee will be lower in the case of a surgeon not enjoying that much fame. But he might not have the professional competence you are looking for.

Therefore you will have to maintain a balance. Opt for the surgeons who are in the middle strata of the professional ladder. On one hand they have a dependable professional competence. On the other hand their fees are not beyond your affordability range.

Do not go for the best surgeons whose fees you might not be able to afford. At the same time do not go for surgeons you can have no confidence on. Do not let your focus on affordability mar the quality of the surgery.


The average cost of plastic surgery is always higher in metropolises in comparison to smaller towns/suburb areas. You know the reason behind it? Because in metropolises the plastic surgery services are in higher demand. The latter stems from a higher population, better awareness and greater social acceptance of plastic surgery.

The nature of the surgery

The specific plastic surgery procedure followed by you will be a major determinant of the cost. The latter is directly decided by the length and complexity of the procedure concerned. You have to discuss the point with the surgeon during the pre-surgery consultation.

Some other factors affecting the plastic surgery costs are –

• Pre-surgery consultations and post-surgery follow-up appointments
• Operating room fees
• Anesthesia fee
• All operating room supplies including specialized equipments like ultrasonic liposuction or specialized C02 laser-resurfacing
• Wraps, bandages, etc.

Is there any chance for finance and insurance cover?

In case you feel the cost to be rather high, you have the option to ask for finance or insurance cover. However, this option is limited for few cosmetic surgery procedures.
Besides, there are finance companies ready to advance you a loan in case you approach them.