Cost of Dog Toys

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Dog Toys?

With so much variety and technology, the price of dog toys has increased dramatically in recent years. A tennis ball that once cost less than a dollar can now be sold for more than $10, if the color and texture are right. As a consumer of dog toys, it can be tough to understand just how much you can expect to pay. You do not want to go broke purchasing dog toys, and yet you want to spoil your dog with every opportunity and happiness possible.

When it comes to shelling out big bucks for dog toys, you will want some guidance. Here is an overview of some of the most popular dog toys with their price ranges:

Balls and Chewies
Balls and chewies, such as bones, rubber or rope, should never cost more than $10. These are items that can often be found around the house. In fact, the whole reason they are so popular is because dogs generally do find them around the house and play with them.

High-end chewies, such as rubber shoe replicas, can be more expensive than standard pieces of rope because they have been molded to fit a certain type of product. You can expect to pay up to $20 for these nicer chewies, or more if you are purchasing them from a doggy boutique.

You can also get by not having to pay a cent for toys such as balls and chewies. Because they are typically common household items, you can even use leftover household items that you have not needed in years. These items should be as good as trash because as soon as your dog gets his mouth on them, they will be trash.

Pillows and Beds
Dog owners love to offer their pets their very own dog pillows and beds onto which the dogs can relax and feel comfortable. Dogs also benefit from the softness of the pillows and beds. Furthermore, the more time your pet spends in a designated doggy bed, the less time he will spend shedding fur in other areas of your home. You can expect to pay up to $75 for a nice dog bed.

Dog Treats
While not toys, dog treats are special accessories that dog owners enjoy giving to their dogs to reward the dogs for good behavior (and just because they are loved.) Dog treats, luckily, are not terribly expensive. You can find a bag of them that will last for a month for under $10 in most pet or grocery stores.