Corporate Business Gifts That Say WOW!

Your corporate business gift should have “WOW” written all over it. Your business gift should stand out, it should be memorable and most of all it should turn a few heads. It should amaze the recipient.

Let’s face it, that traditional gift basket just doesn’t cut it anymore. Nor does that dusty bottle of wine or that heavy dull paperweight.

Your company’s employees, patrons and clients deserve more from you. They need a business gift that goes beyond the ‘normal yawn’ or ‘that’s nice!”

But creating or buying corporate business gifts that say WOW takes a little bit of planning and time on the part of the giver. However, like all things in life which take a little longer to do, the rewards are worth it. The same applies here.

Maintaining high company morale is a sometimes forgotten aspect of today’s modern company or workplace. But creating a good working atmosphere pays high dividends in more ways than one. Savvy managers and bosses already know this and they also know keeping everyone happy only adds to your productivity, no matter what business you’re pursuing.

However, like all gift-giving, it’s not easy to find the perfect corporate gift that will wow the receiver. Short of a Lear Jet, here are some suggestions to increase the WOW factor in your next corporate business gift.

1. WOW them with Personalization

Might sound a bit obvious but nothing is more desirable or pleasant as seeing your own name on a well-thought-out gift. So include a name plaque or engraving to show your real appreciation. Remember, almost anything these days can be laser engraved, so there’s no reason not to personalize your gifts.

Moreover, whatever you give, make sure it relates to the person receiving it. Relating the gift to an employee’s interests and hobbies is always more effective than a generic gift. Getting a practical gift that you can actually use and benefit from will greatly increase the wow factor.

2. WOW them with Uniqueness

Along the same lines, making your business gifts unique, one of a kind, will obviously make them stand out. High quality hand-crafted items and works of art can sometimes produce that wow moment.

3. WOW them with Style

High style always wows the receiver. Make sure if you give business related gifts they are stylish and in demand. Fashionable gifts are always much more appreciated.

4. WOW them with Surprise

Everyone loves a surprise. So a surprise gift will always wow them. Unexpected gifts can be the most fun; everyone expects the Christmas Turkey Hamper but a half day surprise holiday will wow them over to your side!

5. WOW them with High Tech

Truth be told, no one ever grows up. We are all still kids at heart. We still like the latest toys, especially high tech toys and gadgets that wow us.

So don’t rule out giving the latest smart phone, PDAs that do everything under the sun, LCD TVs that dazzle the eyes or computer games that will have everyone jumping or looking on in amazement.

6. WOW them with Fun

All kids like to play and have fun. Corporate gifts don’t have to be dull and boring, instead spice them up by including the element of fun. Have corporate sponsored games, parties or trips to sporting events and concerts.

Think outside the workplace.

Cater to your workers’ interests/hobbies and plan such things as fine dining, hiking trips, wine tasting parties or trips to Vegas. Whatever the majority of your clients and workers do to have fun – within legal limits of course!

7. WOW them with Money

Money never loses its WOW factor! If all else fails or you just plain forget, money always works. Bonuses and stock options have been wowing them over for years. Probably always will, everyone loves getting more money. Pay raises at the appropriate gift-giving time will put a smile on everyone’s face except your accoundant’s.

8. WOW them with Emotion!

Remember, corporate business gifts are first and foremost just gifts. The best gifts are the ones that surprises us and literally makes us jump for joy. If we look a little deeper we would probably discover gifts play a much more important role in our lives.

Gifts fill an emotional need we all have, the need to feel appreciated and wanted, whether it’s from a loved one or from the company we work for. Likewise, the reciprocal is also true, the giver never forgets the feeling and joy of giving a gift.

Gifts work both ways.

Any company, boss, manager or worker can use corporate gift giving to accomplish or fulfill these human needs. To make the sometimes cold sterile workplace just a little more human. A well-thought-out and heart-felt corporate business gift will show the recipient just how much they are appreciated. And vice versa.

Perhaps, underneath it all, whether we realize it or not, this is the true corporate gift that really says WOW.

Copyright (c) 2007 Titus Hoskins