Cornell Law School

Some Tips to Help You Get Into Cornell Law School

The goal of Cornell Law School is to produce lawyers “in the best sense”. This means that they do not just to make lawyers; they want to make lawyers in the best way possible.

So many bad lawyers today have ruined the practice of law for most people. Cornell Law School attempts to rectify the “liar” image of those practicing law by making sure that every one of their graduates are among the best in their field. That Cornell Law School is one of the best law schools in the United States may not be evident in its size. Actually, its small size is one of the reasons why it remains among the best.

Only admitting about 250 students a year, the Cornell Law School keeps the class size small and the community tightly knit. It maintains a class ratio of about ten students to one teacher. This helps the students get the attention that they need. It also helps foster a sense of camaraderie among the people. Students, instead of seeing each other as competitors, tend to view each other as colleagues. This means that students learn how to work together. This frees them from a lot of pressures commonly experience by students.

How does one get into Cornell Law School? Well, here are some tips that could help you out:

1) Study hard – You need to get a high GPA in order to be considered for admittance. If you are thinking that you can just take an easy major for the sake of getting a high GPA, you really should reconsider. Your GPA will actually be assessed based on how difficult your major is. You really need to study hard if you intend to get into Cornell law school. There are no magic formulas, no super secret cheat tips that will do this for you. There’s no avoiding having to study.

2) Plan ahead – You need to keep the goal of attending Cornell Law School in your mind even while you are taking up your bachelor’s degree. This is because all of your scholastic records will be scrutinized when you apply for admission into Cornell Law School. Some people may need a bit of help with this tip.

3) Write out your reasons – Cornell Law School actually puts heavy emphasis on the personal statement. In the personal statement, you would have to state your reasons for wanting to attend Cornell Law School. People know that qualified students often have a lot of options regarding which law school to go to.

In order to increase your chances of admission, you need to write out the reasons why you want to attend Cornell Law School and not other law schools. It would be very helpful if you can show specific goals which would be achieved by you attending Cornell Law School.

4) Get recommendations – It is required that you get letters of recommendation from your teachers. Actually, the Cornell Law School provides faculty recommendation forms to be filled out. These recommendations primarily intend to show the admissions committee your potential in the eyes of your instructors. This provides detailed comments about your abilities as compared to other applicants. This will help the people at Cornell law school get a glimpse of you through the eyes of the people who know you in the academe.