Coral Jewelry – Treasures From The Sea

Coral is found in still waters that are clear, with a depth between 25 and 1000 feet. The concentration and quality of the color of a coral enhances with the depth. However, coral is extremely sensitive in nature and could be replicated in water that has a temperature ranging between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius. These perfect settings are available in some places only. The finest quality of coral is discovered in the waters of the Red Sea, the Bay of Biscay to Madeira, Mauritius, Southern Ireland, in the Canaries and the Cape de Verde Islands, the Malay Archipelago, in the Mediterranean, and in Japanese waters as well.

Italy is regarded as the center of coral jewelry making and Torre del Greco, which is in close proximity to Naples, is the place the finest coral jewelry in Italy is prepared. Bigger pieces are generally shaped into striking umbrella handles or walking sticks, whereas the smaller pieces are shaped into oval, round or egg shaped beads that are used in rosaries, necklaces and bracelets. Coral is perfect for carved cameos and is also made into gorgeous earrings, pillboxes, brooches, inlaid jewelry boxes, pendants, belt buckles, rings, tie bars and cuff links as well. A large amount of coral is sold to countries like China and India, where it is utilized in religious ceremonies. In the United States of America, the inhabitant Navajo and the Zuni silversmiths happen to design coral jewelry on a very large scale. The Zunis blend it with black jet, despite the fact that it wonderfully contrasts with turquoise as well. The San Domingo Indians shape coral into wampum-style beads as well.

The various colors of coral: Coral is also known as Corallo by the Italians and is found in a lot of distinctions. The following are regarded to be the most excellent for fine jewelry.

Red Coral
The Red Coral is a classic and happens to be quite costly as well. This is the most treasured coral as compared to the rest and is in great demand all over the globe due to its solidity, attractiveness, and positive shade. Red Coral is derived from the sandy bed of the Mediterranean, as well as the Gulf of Naples that happens to be in close proximity to Genoa. In addition, corals are discovered off Algiers and Tunis that is on the African region, in the waters of Provence, Sardinia, Catalonia and Corsica and also alongside parts of the Spanish and French coastline.

Precious or Noble Coral
This is a kind of red coral that is known as Corallium Nobile or Corallium Rubrum. This Precious coral is found in Sicily and Sardinia, the Mediterranean, and also in Morocco, Tunis and Algeria.

Black Coral
This coral is excellent for carving and shaping; as a matter of fact it happens to bend when it is warmed. The black color is thought to be the result of the initial phase of decomposing, as the color simply exists a little beneath the surface.

Blue Coral
It is called both Akori as well as Allopora Subviolacea. This remarkable selection has been discovered off the coastline of Cameroon.

Golden coral
Divers off the coastline of Maui, in Hawaii, have discovered and made this beautiful coral available. This coral has a resinous or glossy surface.