Coral Calcium and the Benefits of A Coral Calcium Supplement

The Benefits of Coral Calcium

Coral calcium was originally popularized by a television infomercial by Robert Barefoot. This infomercial was later removed by the FTC/FDA for false and unsubstantiated advertising claims. Coral calcium was not in question so much as the exaggerated claims of disease healing that were made by unethical marketers such as Robert Barefoot.

It is unfortunate that these unethical marketers have brought some skepticism to the health benefits of coral calcium. There is no need to exaggerate the benefits of coral calcium, all one has to do is look at the scientific facts and the many customer testimonials to see that coral calcium is definitely a great product.

Reported Benefits of Coral Calcium

There have been many reported health benefits of coral calcium ranging from bone health relief from muscle pain, asthma, general balancing of moods, cholesterol reduction, blood pressure benefits, treatment of hiatal hernias, periodontal improvement and much more.

What is Coral Calcium?

Coral calcium is a natural blend of pure calcium from coral, magnesium and trace minerals. There is a huge body of science proving that all these minerals are essential to the human body.

Of course in a perfect world you would be able to obtain these minerals from your diet, but unfortunately it is near impossible to meet the recommended daily intakes for these important minerals. The recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is 1000 mg per day, but research shows the average American adult is only getting 600 mg of calcium from their food!

The latest government study shows a staggering 68% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily intake of magnesium. Even more frightening are data from this study showing that 19% of Americans do not consume even half of the governmentÂ’s recommended daily intake of magnesium.

Coral Calcium Supplements

It is quite clear that we need calcium, magnesium and trace minerals in our diet but the facts are the majority of individuals are not meeting the recommended daily intakes for these minerals, so it only makes sense to supplement. Coral calcium supplements naturally contain the optimal ratio of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals.

The majority of coral calcium product is from Okinawa Japan and can be separated into two categories, above sea coral calcium and below sea coral calcium. There is now new live harvested coral calcium from the beaches of Brazil that contains 24 x more calcium and magnesium and 24 x more trace minerals than its Japanese counterparts.

Regardless of what you think of coral calcium, you canÂ’t deny that a supplement containing calcium, magnesium and trace minerals is a good thing.