Copywriting Tips For Beginners: How To Jumpstart Your Career As A Copywriter –And Make Lots Of Money

So you’ve studied all the copywriting books and courses, as well as the sales pages of top converting products. You’re ready to make piles of money as a copywriter, but how would you start if you don’t have any credentials or experience to show for it? In this article, I’ll reveal some copywriting tips for beginners to jumpstart your career.

My recommendation is to surf the web and find websites with poor copy. When I say “poor,” I mean very short sales letters that are obviously written by someone who doesn’t know a bit of copywriting. And there are plenty of them online.

What you do is contact the marketer, and then propose that you will at least double their sales, or they don’t have to pay. This is irresistible since they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain if you make their sites convert.

And you don’t even need to be a very experienced copywriter to improve their copy. In fact, there are plenty of badly written sales pages all around the web; and if you just add or tweak a few words based on sound copywriting principles, you could dramatically improve their conversions!

If you did a killer job, the better. But even if you just did a mediocre job, you could still double their sales since their sales letters are very badly written. This is one of the most valuable copywriting tips for beginners – you could do it even if you’re starting from scratch!

You’re not working for free if you believe in your skills. Yeah, it’s a bit of a gamble; but as long as you apply the usual copywriting principles, the scales will tip in your favor. It would be best to do some research on the site’s traffic before sending your proposal, so you don’t end up improving a site that gets few visitors.

But how will you know they’re not cheating you by saying their conversions didn’t improve (even though it did)? In my experience, most people are honest. You could occasionally run into a few bad apples, but you won’t have any problem most of the time.

Now you could get the portfolio and testimonials – and money – you need to take it to the next level. Hope these copywriting tips for beginners help.