Copyright Myths On Public Domain Novels

The Copyright Myths on Public Domain Novels

In need of a novel to be sold or to be used for other personal reasons? Then why not take a look at public domain novels. There are a lot of choices in store for you, that is for certain. But then someone told you about the possible copyright law governing those public domain novels. Before you worry about the copyright law governing public domain novels which you are eyeing on, you first should comprehend on what the real score of copyright protection is.

What is the real score with copyright?

Copyright protection is a set of law formed in the United States and the rest of the countries all over the world which reserves exclusive rights to the “authors of original authorship and work”. The copyright protection extends its wings to the dramatic, literary, artistic, musical, and other intellectual crafts. Such protection is basically granted to both the unpublished and published works.

What are the exclusive rights awarded to the author himself of such original work?

Parts of those exclusive rights are to prepare the derivative work, to replicate such work in other copies, to disseminate the copies of the works to the public, to have the presentation of the work open to the public, to showoff the copyrighted piece of work in public, to utilize the digital audio transmission for sound recordings, the rights of integrity and attribution to the original authors of visual arts, and it is held illegal to mess up with any work that is protected by the copyright law.

When does the copyright law start to take effect?

The efficacy of the copyright law takes full effect as soon as the work gets created in its fixed form. The immediate copyright in terms of authorship is automatically granted to the author himself. It is only the author himself or those individuals who have been granted the rights by the author could have the sole access to claim for its copyright. In the situations involving hiring the works, it is the employer and not his employee who is then considered to be the author of the work.

Having to fully comprehend on the truth behind the copyright protection law will ease out your worries about the said to be copyrights ruling over the public domain novels. As is the case, the public domain novels are not ruled by any copyright protection except of course if there has been some mistake of placing the novel on the public domain when in fact there is an existing copyright grant over it.

Moreover, you’ve got to familiarize yourself with the myths surrounding the copyright of public domain novels and other materials. They are as follows:

When there is no visible copyright notice, then the material is not at all governed by it. This was before true but the works which came out after April 1, 1989 were automatically protected and copyrighted with or without notices.

Not charging anyone for the public domain novels and other materials means there is no violation made. The violation comes in when you copy something that is indeed under the copyright protection.

Whenever it is placed in the Usenet, it is already part of the public domain section. Public domain materials are there because it is either the owners have consented giving it freely to the public or because their copyrights have expired.

Re-creating the work is not a violation. This is termed “derivative work”. It would not be excusable if you include in your work proprietary details from your source. If you employed these wordings, you first have to seek permission.

A violation to the copyright law is a violation against the civil law. Therefore, always be keen in examining the legality of your public domain novels.