Copper Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are beautiful yet very agile birds. The chance to see them very closely in the wild is somewhat rare. This is because like all wild animals they’re not comfortable in the presence of humans. A way to eliminate this problem is to provide a place for them to find supplementary food. Choosing a Copper Hummingbird Feeder can be fun as they come in various shapes and sizes.

These feeders will not only give a decorative appearance to your garden but they’ll bring a profusion of hummingbirds to investigate this source of food. One such hummingbird feeder is made from copper and crystal glass. The copper is entwined around the glass body of the feeder. The two feeder stations have feeding ports that are red flowers made from metal.

There is an also a 17inch long crystal tube shaped bottle. This Copper Hummingbird Feeder design has a long entwining copper stem with brass leaves hanging down. The copper and brass is shaped around the crystal tube body. The feeding ports are elongated red flowers that serve to attract the hummingbirds

Holland Hill Tweeter Totter also has some beautiful Copper Hummingbird feeder designs. These feeders come in the shape of narrow test tubes. Thin copper wire strands are wrapped in a diagonal pattern all around the tube. Two copper twisted strands serve as perches for the hummingbirds. When the birds alight on the perches they tilt the tubes with the nectar towards the hummingbirds.

Another variation of the Holland Hill Tweeter Totter is made for window feeding stations. Here 2 tubes have copper twisted around their bodies. Little red glass balls hang down from near the red feeding ports.

There is a hummingbird feeder that has the ability to catch the attention of the busy little birds. The copper base on this feeder is one of the main reasons for this. The Schrodt Facet Hummingbird Feeder is made entirely out of red cut-glass. The shape of this bottle somewhat resembles a prism. The base of the bottle is narrow. However the bottle widens as you go upwards. This allows you to store enough nectar to last for a few days.

The base of the feeder is made entirely of copper. This copper base reflects any light that is shining on it. As the reflected light may bounce off the red glass bottle, curious hummingbirds will definitely decide to come and investigate your garden that has a Schrodt Facet Copper Hummingbird Feeder in it.

As the main reason for buying a hummingbird feeder is to see these tiny birds in action, you must decide what Copper Hummingbird Feeder will look, and work best in your garden. After all, what you want most is to attract these beautiful jewel-toned birds to your garden. The decorative effect the Copper Hummingbird Feeder will have in your garden is just an added benefit.