Coping With Bereavement; Is There Anything Which Can Help?

The movie “Gran Torino” begins, and ends, with a funeral. There is mention of the bitter and sweet aspects of death, and questions as to whether death is an end or a beginning. Some of us believe in reincarnation or at least an after-life, whilst others do not.

No matter what your beliefs are about the after-life, it is hard for those left in this world to feel happy when trying to cope with the loss of someone who you dearly love. I can still see my mother’s expression during her mother’s, my grand-mothers, funeral. I can clearly remember how strong she was, how she talked about the funeral ceremony being one of celebration as opposed to loss; celebration at a wonderful and long life, and a beautiful person. These words belied the tears held back in my mother’s eyes. She was determined not to cry that day and she didn’t, not then; she cried beforehand and afterwards but not then. It was her tribute to her mother.

I only discovered in recent years that my mother has taken sleeping pills ever since my father died. Sleepless nights are all too familiar to those who are doing their best to cope with loss. Memories, worries and fears circle around one’s mind and your emotions are turned inside-out and upside down. You turn into yourself and don’t feel that anyone can help. All you can do is take one day at a time and focus on the practicalities of day to day life. Days seem to pass in a complete blur, until eventually you realize that you have got through it; it is as if you have moved through a dark and damp tunnel and have finally reached daylight once again.

No-one really knows how we get through; hence the saying that “time heals”. Slowly we begin to focus more upon the present and slowly our emotions lift as we notice more about life than the grief associated with loss. We get more and more used to doing things alone, and more confident in our ability to move forwards. This just seems to happen as our natural instinct for survival takes over.

Can we do anything to sooth ourselves during this period of grief and loss? There are certain things which we can do. We can use hypnosis to help relax and sleep and sooth our bodies and our minds. Hypnosis is in itself a state of relaxation and so it will teach you how to relax, even when you are at your most anxious or most full of grief. You can learn to use hypnosis with the help of hypnosis downloads and train your mind to relax easily and quickly in this manner.

Hypnosis is the state between wake and sleep, and so by learning to use hypnosis you will learn how to sleep normally and naturally once more. Nobody knows how to go to sleep; it just happens. In learning hypnosis, however, you will learn to relax into a state which naturally leads to sleep. When in hypnosis your body relaxes and so does your conscious mind. Hypnosis provides a welcome break from those thoughts which would otherwise been circling around inside your mind; it’s like taking a mini-holiday, or having a mental massage. This ability to sooth your mind and change your emotional state is invaluable when you are coping with bereavement.

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is difficult for everyone and we all respond in our own unique way, experiencing a myriad of emotions ranging from disbelief, to anger, grief and loneliness. We have to find a way in which to rationalize it and come to terms with it and move forwards into the next stage of our own lives.

Hypnosis allows contact with your inner mind, and suggestions can be made to give you a feeling of calmness, safety and security, as well as the confidence to believe in your own ability to cope and to rebuild your life. This does not interfere with the natural grieving process; rather it helps you to cope with it better.

You can purchase hypnosis downloads designed to assist you in dealing with your emotions, and in coping as well as possible as you rebuild your life. There are also downloads available which will help you to cope on a more spiritual level; to help you to feel that your loved one is safe in the spirit world and is always there to comfort and guide you. You can decide for yourself which approach is most appropriate for you, but everyone will find that at the very least, hypnosis downloads will help you to relax, and to switch off for a short while, and also to sleep more easily.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health and well-being.