Coping With Anger In An Effective Manner

Anger can express itself in a variety of forms. Some people express anger in an overwhelming fashion; they shout, curse, and can cross the boundary to physical expressions. Others keep their anger pent up, but express it in forms of passive aggression, sulking, bad moods and eventually even bad health..

Anger management does not focus on completely getting rid of the emotion anger. That would be impossible. Instead working on anger management can help you to guide your reactions so that you have more control in the situation. Instead of making a situation work by cursing and yelling or not saying anything for a week, you can control your response to deal with the necessary situation. It is inevitable that something or someone will come along that will trigger anger. The response is up to the individual.

So how can one learn to manage and control their anger? There are many techniques that one can use and the success depends on the individual and their ability to stick with a method.

Relaxation techniques

Breathing, yoga and focused visualisation are three relaxation techniques that can be practiced in non-anger situations. Each skill set will provide the user with a chance to remove him/herself mentally from the angry situation and take a step back.


If mental removal from the environment proves difficult, physically leaving the environment can be an aid. Go for a walk, go to the next room or take some personal time for yourself each day to focus on you.


Another tool in coping with anger, hypnosis, works with focusing on restructuring thoughts on a subconscious level. Through suggestions based on dealing with anger in a healthy and constructive matter one can process new ways of dealing with anger in an efficient manner. After consulting a professional hypnotist, one can incorporate self-hypnosis into stressful and aggravating situations.

The three focus areas listed here are a way to begin dealing with anger and coping with frustrating situations. Relaxation techniques can be learned with the help of a professional or on your own. Environmental change can be easily achieved, but is not always available. Hypnosis should be practiced with a licensed professional in the early stages, but can be continued independently.

The idea behind anger management is not to eradicate the emotion of anger. It is to cope with the response so that one can deal with situations that arise.