Cooley Law School

The Cooley Law School: Does Size Matter?

The Cooley Law School is, on all bases, the biggest law school in the United States. It is also the pioneer of many practices unseen in other law schools.

Did you know that the Cooley law school is the only accredited law school in the United States to allow applications without a bachelor’s degree? This means that you can attend the Cooley Law School even if you haven’t received your baccalaureate degree from your college.

However, you need to have completed at least 3/4 of the units required to finish the bachelor’s degree. It is also the first law school to let people pursue the study of law through weekend programs. We all know how most people today want to make improvements in their lives but are too busy trying to survive to actually take steps towards improvements. Well, the Cooley Law School actually brings the opportunity for improvement closer to people.

You might think that the Cooley Law School is a pretty open place for the study of law. However, you should realize that every school has standards. It just so happens that the standard set by the Cooley Law School is a little different from the others. You, of course, will have to achieve a certain score in your Law School Admission Test or LSAT. You will also be required to fill up an application form which you can access online.

In the Cooley Law School application form, you must answer every question accurately. There are a few disclosure questions which you should definitely answer as honestly as possible. Although many people today see lawyers as liars, the Cooley Law School does not want this image to permeate the student body. Every applicant must have honesty and candor.

You might think that people would be able to lie in their applications. However, you should know that the main purpose of these applications is to determine an applicant’s honesty. When you apply for Cooley Law School, you will be subjected to severe background checks by the state bar. This means any discrepancies between what you have written and what is fact will be discovered. You will save yourself from heartache by just telling everything you need to tell.

The Cooley Law School also considers other factors that may affect the character of future lawyers. Let’s take debt, for example. A lot of Americans today consider debt to be an ordinary part of life. However, you should realize that having bad debts through your credit cards can lessen your chances of being admitted into the state bar. You need to settle all of your responsibilities now, before it is too late.

You should realize that schools have the right to revoke your degree if it is ever found out that you have not completely disclosed all information. Any information unknown to the Cooley Law School but surfaces during your admission to the state bar may cause the schools to do this. You need to understand that although your LSAT score might be the minimum requirement, it is not the only one.

In summation, we can say that in the Cooley Law School size actually does not matter. Despite the fact that it is the biggest law school in the United States, the Cooley Law School considers integrity to be the biggest factor needed for the study of law.