Cool Tropical Fish for Aquarium

Freshwater fishes of Eurasia, better known as goldfish, are probably the most popular aquarium pets and they’re certainly among the first kinds of fish that kids ask for. Well – that was until Finding Nemo’s clown fish grabbed our hearts. But unlike clown fish, goldfish are fairly easy to keep alive which is probably why they make ideal pets for both kids and adults alike.

Colorful Fish

Goldfish are certainly colorful enough to hold our attention for quite a while, but so do some other freshwater fish, like the striped zebra danio, guppies (found in South America and the West Indies), moonfish (found in Atlantic and Pacific and Mediterranean), or swordtails (found in Central America). Tetras are colorful as well – often appearing as though they’re neon!

Reproductive Fish

If you’re interested in more than just color and you want to enjoy a true ecological aquatic system (complete with breeding and all), you might enjoy the striped zebra danio or paradise fish. These fish create quite an interest because of they way they reproduce. Paradise fish for example, reproduce by placing eggs in a massive nest of floating bubbles. As a result, they’re also known as bubble nesters or bubble-nest builders. It’s best to keep paradise fish in a separate aquarium because they just don’t get long with other species very well.

Fish With Specific Behaviors

Of course if you’re interested in a little “fish boxing,” bettas will certainly keep you entertained by their natural inclination to fight each other! Otherwise you can enjoy the peaceful state of fish like the dwarf gourami (from Asia).

A Warning For Any Kind Of Fish

As colorful, interesting, or entertaining as these fish are, it’s important that you don’t place too many of them in your aquarium. That’s known as overstocking and overstocking an aquarium can be deadly – ecologically and behaviorally speaking. Remember that a successful aquarium is a delicate balance of water, oxygen, food, light, and room to grow. An aquarium with too many fish will upset that balance and create unhealthy living conditions, disease, and of course aggressive behavior.

A good rule to follow when trying to determine how many fish to keep is the “fish per square inch” rule. Measure the surface area of your aquarium in inches and that measurement will tell you how many fish will survive in the tank without too many problems. Basically, your aquarium should hold no more 1 1/2 inch fish per square inch. You will of course need to subtract the area consumed by filters and other accessories.