Conversion Rooms Make Great Sunrooms

Conversion Rooms Can Make Great Sunrooms
If bringing the outdoors in is a design scheme you want to go with, a sunroom is a great way to make this happen. With big, flowing windows and an open, airy feel, these rooms can provide protection from the elements while still letting natural beauty flood a room.

But if space is a consideration and a full-sized sunroom will take up an entire backyard, thus, ruining the view, there are ways to accomplish the effect without technically “adding on” to a home by creating a sunroom.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to considering turning an existing room into a sunroom. The purpose of the room can remain as it was if desired, but the outdoor view can still be enjoyed.

To achieve this in almost any home, consider turning your favorite room into a conversion sunroom. Here are some ideas:

* Kitchen – Consider removing an outer wall and having it turned into a glass sunroom wall. This is great for a home with an eat-in kitchen. Just picture a breakfast nook that’s designed all in glass with a glass ceiling to boot. Watch the garden grow in the morning and star gaze from the table at night.
* Living room – If your living room has a good outdoor view and could stand a fresh, open look, replacing a back wall or sliding glass door with a sunroom effect can make a huge difference.
* Bedroom – A sunroom effect in a bedroom is especially nice in homes with great garden views or those that have a secluded natural view. Since privacy is a concern, go with a wall that provides a view but still allows a quiet night’s rest.

Almost any room in a home can be altered with a partial sunroom effect. Imagination is just about the only thing standing in the way of a normal room and a spectacular one.

Some of the plusses for going with a partial sunroom for those without the space or the desire to have a full-sized sunroom include lower cost, a great remodel job that can increase the value of a home and the ability to enjoy the outdoors while remaining inside. Depending on the design that’s sought, this architectural feature can really make a home stand out as a one-of-a-kind.

If going for a conversion, however, it’s a very good idea to hire a contractor and designer. Since the home’s lines and system of support are likely to be tampered with during construction, knowledgeable workmanship is an absolute must.